Activision: True Crime was "not good enough"

Eurogamer: Open world actioner True Crime: Hong Kong was cancelled because it just wasn't up to scratch, according to publisher Activision.

Following on from the announcement earlier today that the United Front-developed title had been scrapped, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg explained that the publisher didn't believe it could compete in a crowded marketplace.

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GSpartan7772809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

O_O WTF! OMG I was really looking forward to it.

Agent Smith2809d ago

"True Crime was 'not good enough'"

Lol, because Tony Hawk: Ride was SO great.

Yi-Long2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

... I'm a HUGE fan of sandbox games like GTA, plus I've been to Hong Kong a lot of times and absolutely LOVE that city...

... but there's been nothing that I've read, seen or heard about this game, that actually had me excited. It looked mediocre at best, plus I felt it didn't do Hong Kong justice AT ALL.

... still sad to see it cancelled, cause I was curious to see how it would eventually turn out, but the way it was looking, it didn't look like an AAA game to me.

I hope they can still somehow publish it, and I hope Activision or at least Bobby will rot in hell.

blitz06232809d ago

Activision is just like Microsoft. It's all about making money. Since CoD sold so much they're just gonna milk it now.

SuperLupe2809d ago

Yep and Sony are all about handing out money alright.

norman292809d ago

Fuck off dickheads, you only dropped it so you can devote your attention to COD, how about you go milk a fucking cow instead? you pricks make me sick and ashamed to be a gamer!

Baka-akaB2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )


Of course they are there to make money , but do they try once everywhile something risky and bordeline indie ?

Short answer yes along with nintendo and a few others .

When has Microsoft or Activision ever tried that in games ?

Baka-akaB2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

People can disagree all they want .. sony as a publisher got a few stuff rather original and hardly that mainstream (at least not expected to sell millions when released) , some even considered art , such as Jumping Flash , Kurushi(Intelligent Cube) , Parappa the rapper , Kula World , Siren , Ico , Shadows of the Colossus , Folklore , Ape escape , and probably a few more .

Same goes for Nintendo imo .

Look at the list of games from Microsoft and especially Activision , and you'll be hard pressed to find similarly low key stuff .

badz1492809d ago

"Yep and Sony are all about handing out money alright."

that's kinda TRUE if you really think about it. they were selling every single PS3 at a loss since launch and just recently making profit on console sales. that counts as handing out money too, right?

DaTruth2809d ago

This is one of those titles I remember as "$hit my friend(who knows nothing about games) suggested was the next GTA and I stupidly listened!" Like that crappy riot game!

I absolutely hated Streets of L.A. It seemed cheaply made, just had bad gameplay and story!

Unless some developer with skill or isn't being run by slActivision takes a crack, I won't look at these games again!

captain-obvious2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

United Front don't deserve this
maybe they should have stuck with Sony

and that Pic is perfect
he got a gun to his head

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visualb2809d ago

coming from the people that publish broken POS games and crap like Tony Hawk Ride and SHred...

this is bullshit

-Alpha2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

It is bullshit. What they mean to say is "True Crime had too much competition from Saints Row and GTA, we didn't care to compete and elevate the product, so instead of staying competitive we will back this product out because it isn't as profitable as we like"

They don't want to put the effort in to make it successful and only care about minimal work resulting in maximum profits.

badz1492809d ago

if "for Kotick", this game is "not good enough", the game must be on TRASH level because he thinks CoD and Tony Hawk is "good enough" but for many, it's far from "good enough"!

Eddie201012809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Like Activision hasn't released a half baked game before, and when its a buggy game they take forever to fix it, if they fix it at all.

joydestroy2809d ago

i was as well. hopefully someone will pick it up. it had to have been close to being done, right?

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Dart892809d ago

God i just wanna punch his face.

lepolohuevo2809d ago

Rejoice, it's being taken care of.Look, he's standing perfectly in the way of the gunbarrel.

HolyOrangeCows2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

LOL, exactly what I was thinking.

If that doesn't work, maybe Hitman can help out.

Visari2809d ago

The CoD games aren't good enough either but it doesn't stop them from selling it.

SuperLupe2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Yeah COD bashing is trendy on N4G. From the "outside" it just looks and sounds so...stupid. Acting all elistist and stuff...oh well whatever makes the "N4G community" feel good.

I'm no COD fan nor hater but COD local multiplayer with a group of pals and a couple of beers is just straight out pure raw fun. Feel sorry for the people here who probably agree but just act like they hate it anyway just to be "cool" or who are missing out on great gaming experiences for the sake of their fake a$$ elitism.

edit: was meant to be a reply to 3.2

NoobSessions2809d ago

Playing COD is just mindless fun. But hey, fun is fun right?

FailOverHero2809d ago

CoD games are just a punching bag for you people aren't they? Its cool to hate what is popular I suppose

Jio2809d ago

CoD is nothing, people didnt always hate it. We dont hate it because its popular, we hate it because it is trash.

PirateThom2809d ago

When Call of Duty stops being a broken, derivative and overall generic franchise, lauded beyond its standing, then it will stop being a target.

ShinMaster2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Is it also cool to assume people hate something cause it's popular?

I'm sorry the COD games are the only games spinning in your 360. I really wish you had more games to play on that.
No need to get touchy.

Active Reload2809d ago

I could never sit on the internet spewing hatred towards...a video game? People need to get a life! If you dislike something, state your opinion once and move on. I seem the same people saying the same shit 24/7. Did the game take your spouse out for a one night-stand? I don't know how someone over the age of...24(lol) can even consider such behavior, let alone taking the time out to log in to bitch and complain. Go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself to take a time-out.

SuperLupe2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Yes because 360 owners didnt buy Reach nor Fable nor Assassins Creed right ? What was spinning in your PS3 before GT5 came out ? I mean GOW 3 came out in March...theres only that many times u can play through GOW 3 while waiting for GT5 (the "perfect" videogame) to come out.

"I could never sit on the internet spewing hatred towards...a video game? People need to get a life!" Couldnt say it any better

house2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

you remind me of one of my friends, cod can be the biggest piece of crap and he will still like it because all his other friends buy it so he can hang with them and drink a beer and play the local m.p.

don't get me wrong i love playing with friends hanging out playing a great game but i will stop bashing on it when they at the least make the s.p longer a better story and not a broken m.p if they can at the least fix one!! i will layoff a bit because im tired of the same rehash game every year.

DaTruth2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

"I seem the same people saying the same shit 24/7."

It amazes me that people manage to keep track of which of the 500,000 people who frequent N4G, says what!

But I also try to save storage in my brain(even with my vast amount) for much more important things... like just about any other thing!

ShinMaster2808d ago

360 fans need to stop bringing multiplatform games into these type of conversations.

It only proves my point even more.

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ceedubya92809d ago

Fail, you may be on to something. Despite how much the majority of N4G hates the series now, you can't deny how big of a seller it is. They will keep making it until people stop buying it.

JoeReno2809d ago

Amen brother.. My thoughts exactly.

Got to love that picture with that gun pointed at kotex head

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edwineverready2809d ago

It was alreday really far in production. Why stop now?

LarVanian2809d ago

Nick Kang seems to be pointing his gun at the right target lol.