Halo 3 Reviews All In One Place

360WTF have collated all the major Halo 3 reviews with links to each site. More reviews will be added as they are submitted.

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Close_Second4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I prefer to wait for to update their site as they average out all the reviews to provide the overall score. You can clearly see which games are AAA by their overall average and which are not.

Jdash244046d ago

wow halo 3 is doing spectacular, definatly going to be GOTY with reviews like this and a fanbase of millions

Close_Second4046d ago

...should not receive perfect or near perfect scores because of the graphics, just remember this:

"Great graphics and sound do not a great game make. They make a great game even greater."

Can't believe how many people bag a game because the visuals are not as good as other games. Just goes to show that gameplay, be it single or multi-player, is still very much paramount to what determines a great game.

Jdash244046d ago

games like okami and legend of zelda twilight princess didnt have great graphics yet were both very beautiful and fun games

nobizlikesnowbiz4046d ago

WTF has anyone else noticed that the Halo 3 "hottness meter" has capped off at 80560, even though all these reviews have been released and are being heated up quite a bit I'm sure.

Does N4G not want Halo 3 to break 100,000 as I'm sure it would without the heat cap.

I guess it's making every other game look bad since it's about 4 times hotter than the next game, being Heavenly Sword at about 22,000.