Dear American Media: I Do Hate You So! A Response to Bulletstorm Media Attack


"Before you even begin to read this article, I’ll start off by saying that I am an American; I’m not an angry foreigner pissing on America as per the norm.

We often have been accused of being quite narrow-minded, and in no way do I deny these allegations. But what I will freely express as a sort of excuse is the fact that our media is just terrible."

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Proeliator2898d ago

This is simply ridiculous. FoxNews needs to stay away from gaming.

thorstein2898d ago

You do know they own right?

edwineverready2898d ago

@thorstein Really? if that's true i am blacklisting IGN forever.

TheLig322898d ago

Gamestop owns IGN, do a little research before claiming some BS

ShinMaster2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

IGN (along TeamXbox) is owned by News Corp.

If that sounds familiar, it is.

Maybe YOU should do a better job at researching.

JakemanPS319942898d ago

even if they are what does that have to do with anything? i mean just because your owned by sombody means you cant have an opinion?

evrfighter2898d ago

news corp owns fox is what you mean. News Corp being the parent. But at the end of the day the same people are at the top. so no foul.

thorstein2898d ago

Thanks Shin, didn't think I'd have to spell that out. Fox is NewsCorp is Rupert Murdoch.

Newscorp owns IGN. Sorry if that confused some of you.

And as for media in the good ole USA goes, there are only 5 corporations that run all of it. Don't even get me started.

I was replying to Pro's statement that they should stay away from gaming hence the IGN reference becomes both ironic and iconic in that IGN might want to be avoided and Pro's quick response "Shhh..."

@slig and edwine... I think Shin and Evr have it covered, thanks.

XboxOZ3602898d ago

Two major players own 80% of all gaming media, Murdock Press, and Packer, who also own the majority of other media outlets across all mediums.

WHich is why most smaller sites are not included in the long list of gaming sites that belong to "Affiliate Sites" Which this is one of them.

Sadly, many sites sell-up in order to continue, and to make money, which we ideally are all in 'business' in the first place.

But some sell their soul in making the move to the major affiliates.

On Topic, sadly 'certain'reporters and general media like to sell 'Bad News" rather than real news.

So stuff like this sells, butts on seats/TV's etc.

We suffered the same thing here recently with one of Aust's pollies over a comment taken completely out of context. The same network - which is also affiliated with Fox, is still milking it days afterwards, while all other channels have since moved on when it was shown to be bogus.

FOX rely on sensationalism and ill-informed information.

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disturbing_flame2898d ago

Anyway bulletstorm is labelled EPIC GAME why woul americans hate it when you know they love gears of war ?

I mean the game is also releasing on 360, there's no point it get going sacked. It's not a PS3 exclusive.

XboxOZ3602898d ago

You and 'gamers' might like it, but FOX etc are selling the 'bad news' to ill-informed, or basically, un-informed TV viewers in order to rank up views, thus help ad income based on views across the board for the station.

Remember - what YOU think and what Joe-Public think are two completely different things, and that IS what FOX rely on. They are NOT trying to sell the story to you or I, but to mum/dad public who could sway politicians to change laws.

True, it's a sad world we live in, but it's been that way - sadly, for some time.

teething2897d ago

Tis is what epic wants... Free advertising.

Thanks fox!!!

gaminoz2898d ago

I have to say that Australian 'news' is following suit, but is still a long way from how insulated and over-dramatic US news is.

It really is bad (and I lived half my life in Canada watching US channels).

Godem2898d ago

If only Australia had R18+...

BadCircuit2898d ago

I really don't think parents know what their kids play...

Proeliator2898d ago

I concur. My mom gave me a speech once when I was little that the things in these games aren't real, etc. And I was like, okay.

That was it.

It doesn't take much, but the fact that some don't even make the effort is astounding.

thorstein2898d ago

I disagree, but I won't hit the button on you, you make a good point. I however, as a parent, know exactly what my kids play. And I know many other parents who do also.

There are always a group of idiots who allow their kids to do whatever they wish.

XboxOZ3602898d ago

Agree, to some extent. After questioning many parents, who buy the games for their kids in stores (60% of sales of games in stores are to mothers, followed closely by dads) I found that close to 80% of those questioned knew nothing of the games really, and simply followed what their kids recomened, if thier friends were playing the same game.

Here in Aust as an example, the highest a game rates is MA15+, meaning that the games that appear in Europe and Nth America that are rightfully labled 17-18 M etc (ie, for adults only), are sold under the MA15+ sticker.

When shown that the game is infact an 18+ rated game across the globe, parents simply think that ".. if it's marked 15+, then 'it can't be all that bad ...."

When asked if the game in question had the 'appropriate"sticker, like the rest of the world, then parents (90%) of those questioned said they WOULD NOT buy it for their 10-15yr olds.

So it comes down to eduction, but governments do not want to educate, that [prefer to legislate, it's much cheaper.

I aplaude your watchful eyes, and wish more parents did the same.

Belgavion2898d ago

Any promotion is good promotion, most of the time anyway

sasuke992898d ago

Stupid Americans made this gen the worst!

JakemanPS319942898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

what games do you like? uncharted? halo? call of duty(some people like it)? socom? dead space? half if not more of games are made by america so just keep you xenophobia to your self!
P.S. and for your information the game fox was complaining about is co-developed by americans

MidnytRain2898d ago

Lol, some people don't seem to know that America also gave them video games, internet, commercial vehicles, and ELECTRICITY. Imagine your life without those things... So many haters...

sasuke992898d ago

I prefer Japanese games over generic shooters that America love to make.

MidnytRain2898d ago


This is just hilarious. My statements are facts. You're in denial.

thorstein2898d ago

Hmmmm... not sure how to respond to this as this is hardly the 1st iteration of making games bad. See the history of making Final Fantasy IV (in the US) from the Japanese version and what was edited out (oh so many years ago).

XboxOZ3602898d ago

Disagree completely, it's not just Americans, it's humans in general, and their inability to control the current two-three generations of offspring, which has created a very laxidasial society, that will take several more generations to rectify, but it is on the mend.

sasuke992898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

This umm console wars, fanboism, infesting this gen with brainless shooter games mostly generic FPS games...

Who started all this? America, then the weak souls followed them
add to that all this stupid FoxNews controversy.

Not hating, just stating the facts...

teething2897d ago

So you are calling non americans weak souls?

Cod is popular globally.

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