New Spider-Man game coming in 2011, Acti prepping two TV license titles

That future where Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions dev Beenox will be Activision's go-to studio for Marvel's franchise we reported on last month? It's officially this year. The publisher revealed during its Q4 2010 financial call that a new Spider-Man game is in development and will be released by the end of the calendar year. No further details were divulged.

It was also announced in the call that 2011 will see the release of licensed titles from Activision based on Family Guy and Wipeout. The latter's the "obstacle course" style game show, not Sony's futuristic racing franchise.

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EliteF502810d ago

Pretty excited, tbh. SSD was awesome!

Nitrowolf22809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

i liked Shattered dimensions, my only dispute is that it felt Linear would like an open world version of it or something like Sly Cooper style of open world, where it isn't just one huge map but rather the maps are separated by chapters.

2809d ago
akaFullMetal2810d ago

while i did enjoy shattered dimensions, but the dialog was corny as hell and not funny. They should get some of the writers from some of the comics to script some dialog, because it was bad.

EliteF502809d ago

Dan Slott (current Spidey comic book writer) did write for SSD.

ActionBastard2809d ago

I really didn't think it was bad until the Deadpool level. I almost muted the TV.

2809d ago
Der_Kommandant2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I'd rather play Superman 64 than any activision game

OsamaOnCrack2809d ago

activision doesnt make games they only publish them. shattered dimensions was made my beenox and it was published by activision so dont blame them. activision are actually money hungry people so you are right in a way.

OsamaOnCrack2809d ago

i hope its open world. cuz thats the way spiderman games are supposed to be. but i also liked shattered dimensions

CaptainPunch2809d ago

It needs to be open world

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