Defiant Map Pack Revealed for Halo: Reach

French site Halo Destiny, an unofficial fan community, has posted several images of what is alleged to be an upcoming map pack for Halo: Reach.

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ugo2810d ago ShowReplies(1)
Neko_Mega2810d ago

This wouldn't be a shock, when doesn't Microsoft market the heck out of Halo? But anyways awesome.

SixZeroFour2810d ago

what do you mean it wouldnt be a shock? the announcement of a new map pack? cause if thats what you are talking about, of course it wouldnt be a shock cause it was already confirmed that 2 more maps packs after the noble map pack were going to be released

Neko_Mega2810d ago

Lame five disagree, people are just clicking disagree.

m232810d ago

I'm up for some new maps. According to the guy on Flickr, there is a new armor ability. The maps look pretty cool, I love the skies in Halo games.