Revisiting Halo 2: How Has It Aged?

Halo 2 is now over six years old. Let that sink in for a minute. This is the game that single handedly carried Xbox Live on its back, and arguably laid the foundation for all modern console-based multiplayer gaming. It overcame the burden of being the first sequel to one of the most popular and well-received launch titles in the history of gaming, and it largely met the expectations of fans. It made huge inroads for consoles in the realm of professional, competitive gaming. Its legacy is undeniably cemented in history, but how does it stand up to a current-day critical examination? Unfortunately, the answer is “not very well.”

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wwm0nkey2869d ago

"The level design in Halo 2 is mostly lacking"

For the SP yeah but my god Halo 2 had the perfect MP maps, not one of them was a bad map.

MintBerryCrunch2869d ago

back then story didnt have as big of an affect on gameplay and just fun...we look today *cough IGN cough* and the double standards set in

sickbird2869d ago

i guess its aged pretty well, each new Halo is just a new coat of paint.

2869d ago
TABSF2869d ago

Guys just get the Games for Windows Live version

Better Graphics than Xbox Version
Mouse and Keyboard plus Xbox 360 pad support.
Multiplayer still open unlike Xbox Live version.
Mods and other content that will never be availible on Xbox.

Plus it has Achievements so your buddies can see you have Halo 2 Gamerscore points.

Quagmire2868d ago

Like a grandmother recovering from heroin addiction

I keed.