No New Blizzard Title this Year

During the quarterly conference call Blizzard has revealed that they do not expect to release a new title this year and outlines their current release schedule.

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Zinc2811d ago


So, they show Diablo 3 back in 2008 and what they show then looked pretty good... it's now 2011 and they still won't be releasing it... Actually, this is classic Blizzard.

I think the appropriate internet Meme for this situation would be...


Computersaysno2811d ago

Its Blizzard. Says enough!

They dont do schedules.

Persistantthug2810d ago

On the plus side...

I can't wait to play DIABLO 3 on my PS3. ;)

gamingdroid2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Just bring back Starcraft: Ghost Blizzard. I can wait as long as it is coming!

edit: @Cheeseknight28 below

I care because I can only imagine a stealth like game on console made to Blizzards standard. Ghost in itself is also an interesting character despite the novel. I want Starcraft: Ghost!

Redo the asset, redo the story or whatever, but just bring it!

Cheeseknight282810d ago

Why do people still care about Ghost? I mean, the character already had a novel and had a minor role in Starcraft II so I seriously doubt they will ever bother restarting development. They would have to start over from scratch too, the story would have to be redone and all the graphical assets are outdated.

It's just not going to happen.

badz1492810d ago

does this mean the Zerg and Protoss expansion pack for StarCraft II not coming this year too? that SUCKS!

I'm not expecting any NEW game release, knowing Blizzard, but SCII expansion is kinda like a no brainer for this year, no?

WTF is wrong with ActiBliz these days??!

ATiElite2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

This is why I hate STOCKHOLDERS!! They have too much influence of creativity and product that it gets to the point of share holder profit over customer satisfaction.
No Diablo 3 means Torchlite 2 and Darkspore will have ZERO competition. Starcraft 2 Heart of The Swarm looks to be pushed back to 2012 as well, GREAT!

so now 2012 looks to be Half Life 2 ep3 Far Cry 3 Doom 4 SC2:HotS Diablo 3 maybe a new Lineage and I'm sure another Warcraft expansion or the new Blizzard MMOFPS plus STALKER 2 Metro 2034 and Bioshock Infinite.

I'm all for quality but 10 years between games is crazy. Many gamers were excited about playing Diablo 3 this year.

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Redrudy2811d ago


We just have to believe it'll be worth the wait.

syrinx2811d ago

Yeh bad news for Diablo fans :(

Maticus2811d ago

Didn't see that coming. Probably working on some crappy console port of the game delaying its release.

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