Bungie Franchise Will Definitely Not Be Released This Year

While the earnings call from ATVI did have news on Bungie and their new 10-year franchise, it was revealed that the studio would not release their new title this year.

Activision stated that they remained committed to the developer and that they look forward to setting the stage right now on bringing the title to fans everywhere.

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donniebaseball2811d ago

Well that sucks. But whenever they do launch it'll probably be a damn good game. Just wish it didn't have to come from Activision.

dangert122811d ago

Yeah with a lack of hype promotion footage or anything like that i did't think they had enough game if any at all to release this year just do me proud bungie a nice title for the core fans thats not dumbed down like reach
i spent countless hours online on halo 3 oh and please make the campaign to this game more interesting by improving your story telling i never thought halo had good story telling pretty aweful imo

user8586212810d ago

Lol activision have NOTHING! this year besides Call of duty 30,955

tmoss7262810d ago

This seems true every year. More so now that GH is done.

RockmanII72810d ago

Good, keep that baby in the oven until its ready.

m232810d ago

That was pretty obvious, they just finished with Reach last year. Hoe can you expect them to create a brand new IP and release it this year?