Virtua Tennis 4 Preview [Game Revolution]

"With motion gaming and a revamped World Tour mode, Virtua Tennis 4 looks to be a worthy competitor to the Top Spin series." ~ Nick Tan

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samurailincoln2812d ago

I hate tennis games, but I've always enjoyed this series for some strange, unexplainable reason.

Koolaye2812d ago

Same here. Although, I should probably give this one a chance and try it out.

stormeagle62812d ago

Virtua makes tennis? What a world!

LostTokens2812d ago

Don't know what draws me into virtual tennis games, but I DO like them... hypnotic...

Volpone2811d ago

They really need to change the name of this series. It sounds like something straight out of the '90s-era arcades.