GamePro Review Gives Halo 3 A 5.00 / 5

GamePro writes:

"There's no denying it - Halo 3 is the biggest videogame in history. No other game has had as much hype, built-up fan anticipation nor the marketing push - try $10 million in marketing campaigns alone - as the last chapter of the premier franchise in console gaming.

But is the game worthy? Does it live up to the high expectations that gamers worldwide have set it? I have two words for you: "Hell" and 'Yes'."

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004096d ago

theres so many reviews coming out.

can't wait for this game.

Snukadaman4096d ago

now you want too talk about lost credibility its gamepro.

FirstknighT4096d ago

It's the biggest video game in history! Nuff said!

Daxx4096d ago

Even though I hate GamePro, YAY! 5/5! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.