Kotaku Reviews Halo 3

Kotaku writes: "I wasn't exactly thrilled when I heard that the only way I could play Halo 3 in time to meet my various deadlines was by flying out to Seattle and spending two days at Bungie's Kirland studio.

It wasn't that I didn't want to play Halo 3, or that I didn't watch to check out Bungie, I just didn't want to spend a big chunk of the week doing it".

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Spike474042d ago

told you halo 3 would get only get 9.5s and 10s.

skynidas4042d ago

Halo 3 is an overhyped game

ThisIsWaiting4042d ago

For someone that has no interest in the game ... you are posting in *every* thread about it.


Sayai jin4042d ago

Well that's your opinion. Normally I have no problem with someone opinion(s), but all the reviewers and Halo 3 pre-orders customers do not feel that way. Frankly it is living up to the hype and that trumps opinion, becuase we getting straight facts!

FordGTGuy4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

like he never read the books.... oh wait.

In order to get the specifics yes you should and thats why the Halo books are so popular. The first book is a prequel, 2nd is a recap of Halo 1, Third is inbetween Halo 1 and Halo 2, Fourth book is after Halo 2, and the Fifth is about Sgt. Johnson's life in the military.

fopums4042d ago

you shouldnt have to read books to get an idea of the character....

jackdoe4042d ago

Honestly, you shouldn't have to read the books to understand the character. You should read the books to understand his past, but not his character.

jackdoe4042d ago

It is a very nice write up that lays everything out. Plus, no score for fanboys to bicker over. Which is another plus.

DeFFeR4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

This review was cool, I like the layout and the fact that there's no number to argue about. Kotaku, nice job on the rare review, and I see Bungie's point about bringing you to their studio for the review...keeps you focused on the game.

Oh, and FordGTGuy, SquadXP rocks.

jaja14344042d ago

Exactly its a blogging site, so why are you bashing him? If anything bash skynidas(the contributer) for posting it and for some odd reason keeps saying "Halo is overrated" in all the forums. I mean really if your going to troll, at least make it interesting and creative. Nothing worse than a lazy troller. <---Is that even a word?

DeFFeR4042d ago

I wrote that based on the lead in statement about not wanting to go to Bungie for the review process, and then I read the review. My comment was based only on the complaint at the very beginning, and that if it's his job to review the game, then he should review it, and not complain about doing something EVERYONE wants to do.

My comment is corrected to reflect my opinion on the review in whole, but the first couple sentences shouldn't be the summarization part of the review.

jaja14344042d ago

Yea I agree with you on that, except the part of everyone wanting to go play it.

I guess I'm the oddball who is kind of in the middle on this game. Sure I'll buy it, but probably not the first day/week. Then again Seattle is my favorite city so being paid to go there and play a game, yea I would probably take that offer up.