Halo 3 - Halo comparison put the games side by side for you to see the difference.

Click the link to see the video in HD resolution.

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ASSASSYN 36o4095d ago

Proof enough the graphics change is extreme throughout the series.

HateFanboys4095d ago

Damn, how weak was that!? I mean i guess it doesnt look that bad, but seriously, this looks seriously unimpressive, especially when you see the other characters (your teammates) they look so blocky. When you're actually playing it doesnt look that bad, but by no means that impressive either. It looks just alright at best! damn, worst than i thought

Dareaver14095d ago

The curious thing is that, there are so many PS3 fanboys on this post, that it's not even funny. I mean the people who are interested in the game already knew that there were vast improvements, like look at the water affects (amazing). But here come the Sony fanboys who probably are not going to give the game a chance, to talk trash on the game. Pathetic....

The game looks awesome, and the evolution is progressive, and the innovation has just smashed through the ceiling. The fact that you can pause and pull up a replay at anytime. Think about that for a second, that means they couldn't have even cheated on textures. That should really show people how impressive this game is. I don't know, fanboys will be fanboys i guess. Instead of enjoying a great game, they choose to blindly hate it. Go figure (and they probably think themselves as hardcore gamers).

Mu5afir4095d ago

Are you looking at those video comparison with a "sane" mind? There is by no means a VAST improvement in the graphics between Halo 2 and 3. Anyone trying to justify the graphics simply isn't a gamer, or is blind. The character model of the soldiers are lackluster at best. The environments do look good, but there are serious texture issues.

Take off your fanboy glasses, and admit the game doesn't look better then a Gears of War, or many other games that have hit the 360. A game doesn't have to be graphically stupendous to be great. But Halo was one of those games that showed what a console can do. But this time it failed miserably when it came to the visuals of the game.

Spunkmeyer434095d ago

My god do these people have nothing better to do!

SonySoldiers4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

Cowboy's technology cannot crunch geometry as quickly as the Ninjastation 3, it's a fact not opinion.

You'll see the same old graphics for Halo Wars next year. How come? because the Xcow 360 has met it's fullest potential. Next year and up will soon be harvest time for Sony.

Killzone 2 is going to be the TRUE King of FPS - Real HD cinematic graphics with superior gameplay, hands down.

Dareaver14095d ago

please don't ever again accuse me of being a fanboy. I find that to be very disrespectful and offensive to say the least. Second, Look at the lighting, the water affects, particle affects, shadowing.... and the fact that you can (again as i said before) pause at any time and float around and look at all the intricacies they have taken to make the game. You can slow mo the replays to look at the games animations and see that they didn't cheat with any part of the game. That alone is an impressive feat. And you can't do that in most other games (let alone last gen), the textures are constantly refreshing because of the infinite different camera angles. If that is not impressive to you, then your just a hard person to impress.

I can sit here and say that HS was beautiful, but it was more close quarter fighting than anything. Halo 3 has both close quarter and wide open fighting. Look at Bioshock, i have the game (and love it), but it's close quarter fighting. That means a different approach to graphics will be taken.

I mean if you can't even admit that there is something impressive about Halo 3, even just a little, then... (i won't even disrespect you and call you that offensive name.)

Nice debating with you.

HateFanboys4094d ago

So im a fanboy for not being that impressed by this!? ok!? and your not a fanboy? And dont you have any better things to do yourself? See you're doing the same stupid sh!t all fanboys do, and that's assume that i must be a some sony fanboy becuase i am not impressed by this. Errr! wrong! dumbass, i own a 360. Now get off the d!ck, fanboy!

And p.s. i love myself ;-), i wanna do me, lol!

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Lord Anubis4095d ago

not much has change, perhaps because of the artistic style.

toughNAME4095d ago

your just mad that your arguement for Halo 3 looking like Halo 2 just got shot down.. a dragon from Lair flying too close to the Chief

Taker_1294095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

the only improvements are some added lines in the facial expressions and HD resolution. Other then that no big improvements. Sorry, you just got shut down

TheSadTruth4095d ago

stop being a blind fanboy

how about the lighting, shadows, textures, polygon counts, particle effects and non-bland environments (for once)

AllroundGamer4095d ago

yep, the Halo trilogy motto should be "it plays the same, it looks the same!"

The Real Peter Moore4095d ago

There you go being a fanboy again, toughName

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nicodemus4095d ago

That was awesome. I was not expecting Halo 3 to look that much better. But really, damn...

Excitement just got taken to a whole new level.

HateFanboys4095d ago

Wow, you're pretty simple minded aint you, so easy to impress. That much better? really? Dont get me wrong, it does look better and it doesnt look bad, and it does look pretty good, but nothing that impressive, just alright at best. Sorry but for a game like this, it should have been more impressive than this. And the game does seem just like more of the same. 3 times of the same thing, its just like Madden

JokesOnYou4095d ago

I dont know what else a gamer wants, the game looks great and all the sites pretty much agree its a blast to play, I cant wait=


HateFanboys4095d ago

It looks just alright JOY, now stop being a joke. COD4 smokes this! Bioshock got better graphics than this, sh!t GeoW has better graphics

razer4095d ago

That's a good comparison. The graphics are greatly improved.

The Real Peter Moore4095d ago

No they are not. They are pretty underwhelming for a game like this. I would have expected better of a game of this caliper