Why Battlefield 3 Must Have A Multiplayer Beta

Multiplayer Betas are a way for a Developer to see how well the game they are creating will do online, they also have a chance to fix any problems before they finish off the game and send it out.
Without Multiplayer betas you get things like Call Of Duty:Black Ops Multiplayer (PS3 Version In Most Cases) for most gamers they found that the PS3 version of the game was absolutely horrible and could barely go one match without there being a host Migration.

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-Mezzo-2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

WTF, everyone knows it's going to have a Beta, it was announced last year months before the release of "Medal of Honor", You'll get into the beta if you Pre-Ordered MOH, which means i am in.

Research Much?

Agent-862810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Ya, wondering how this got approved. Of course there is going to be a beta: automatic for all buyers of MOH Limited Edition (not just if you pre-ordered). I didn't pre-order and I'm in according to the EA Gun Club. I believe the BF3 beta is supposed to come out within one year of the release of MOH which means by the middle of October 2011.

ian722810d ago

I have MoH limited edition and on the cover it says "Beta invitation included". "Limited time offer. See back for details".
On the back it says, "Beta offer availability within 12 months of MoH release". Also you need EA account, game registration with online pass serial code and acceptance of beta agreement. Beta will be available for a limited time only.
I'm in UK and didn't need to pre-order.

SnipingPenguin2810d ago

Not only that but the author seems to beleive that the main point is to see how well the MP part will do, fixing problems is just a plus.

BumpFrankie2810d ago

Maybe the title should be:
"Battlefield 3 Must Have A Multiplayer Beta Because DICE Already Said That There Will Be One."

ATiElite2810d ago

because DICE is a AAA developer and they wanna make sure they put out a quality product. Also they want feedback from their community to see if any changes are needed.

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DERKADER2810d ago

Wny? Because they said they would.

peeps2810d ago

ooo what's this on the front of my MoH case... invitation to the BF3 :o so there is a beta!!!????

MWong2810d ago

The question should have been when is the Multiplayer Beta going to be released?

Op242810d ago

Lol the articles that get approved these days is just sad

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