Black Ops patch fixes multiplayer bugs

Just this morning Treyarch were discussing their commitment to squashing bugs in Call of Duty: Black Ops. A new patch for the game has been released fixing the theatre mode problems caused by the last patch. There are also optimisation upgrades that will let the game run 16x AA mode, and more fixes to further improve the game’s stability and performance in multiplayer matches. Read on for the notes.

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HeavenlySnipes2808d ago

just shut the hell up. The game is broken. Just say it is and stop pretending you are going to fix it.

Kon2808d ago

At least they're trying.

ijkabob2808d ago

A little late for this don't you think?

I'm glad i gave up call of duty. Only played WAW and remember all the BS. MAG atw. (GUN FTW!)

BiggCMan2808d ago

They could have avoided all of this trouble by just finishing the games development :/ This is what Call of Duty has come to now, and the cycle that will come with every game. Ship the game unfinished, get boat loads of money from idiots willing to buy it, attempt and fail at fixing the problems, release overpriced maps that cause even more problems, start development on next title, repeat previous steps.

Ravenor2808d ago

Thankfully a friend of mine has Black Ops on his Steam account so I've had the displeasure of experiencing this on the PC as well.

Dear Treyarch, the stutter is still there. CoDTech SHOULD NOT STUTTER!

Loner2808d ago

The next patch will fix such and such and the patch after that and the patch after that and on and on and on

claterz2808d ago

I thought the last 3 patches fixed the multiplayer problems? obviously not, and neither will this one.

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