1UP's Halo 3 Review: 10/10

The score says it all. Click the jump.

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toughNAME4096d ago

we all knew from day one 1UP was full of xbots

Vojkan4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Most biased site! Luke ugly Smith worked for them, now he works for Bungie, but even if that was not the case we all know they are Microsoft funboys, especially that Dan Hsu(shoe) that is boss there.
Quote me on this, they will NEVER give 10 to Sony exclusive, they always find something that is wrong with those games. Just check last podcast episode, where special guest was Ryan Payton and while they were talking about MGS4 they were 95% of the time telling things that they didn't like, very little of praising. Check it if you dont believe me.

BTW-i predicted this 7 days ago. Check it here if you dont believe me

What i said "Great points but it will get straight 10s from 1UP stuff! Who wants to bet?"

MarioFromTexas4096d ago

Graphics wise, an 8...There is nothing new that will bring new fans...I already knew it was going to get good scores before the game even came out....It's like Halo2 all over again 9.4 and then 3 months later everyone like well we probably fell for the Hype...How can a game be a 10 and not even be on par with graphics with other games..You could say what you want, these reveiewers lately will by pass any flaws found in a 360 FPS game. I'm not saying Halo3 is not good but, no way did it deserves a 10 when graphic wise is average and coming from halo1 and halo2 is not reventing anything gameplay wise,,,,which all sequels get nitpick at....bias....what do you think? phuck all these reveiws, because it's not a reveiw when all they talk about is the multiplayer and it's like the single player doesn't exist, which tells me it sux just like Halo2 single player...

Meus Renaissance4096d ago

Lost credibility a long long time ago. Bungie could have re-released Halo 1 and 1UP would have gave it a 10 anyway.

Lol where will the site be this time next year?

power of Green 4096d ago

XboT... XboTs...Xbotx full of BBOTSSSSSSSSSS MSFT payed off blah blah blah. People are still ass hurt about KZ 2 AI lol.

LeonSKennedy4Life4096d ago

You're just sore that you can't HONESTLY earn a 10/10.

Without pay-offs, Microsoft would be in a ditch and Warhawk would be the biggest game in the industry right now...

nobizlikesnowbiz4096d ago

but but sniffle sniffle...

"That's why I've been wearing this bandana all along, it's so it can catch my tears and soak up my snot from my pathetic whining...".

TheExecutive4096d ago

yeah, 1up is way too biased for my liking. This game is scoring huge though. However, I take reviews from 1up with a grain of salt.

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The story is too old to be commented.