Battlefield 3 To Have Dedicated Servers

DICE Executive Producer, Patrick Bach has shared few more details about Battlefield 3 in an interview with Game Informer. The most important among them is that they are planning to have a dedicated servers for the game.

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RedDead2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

For what platforms I wonder... pc goes without saying. Ps3 and 360 aswell?

I hope so, everyone deserves Dedi servers.
I was just playing Battlefield 2 there for a few hours, it's as good as I remember haha

MWong2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

It probably will be just like BC2 and have their servers for PC, PS3 & XBox360. It will usually streamline the maintenance. This time EA appears to be setting up dedicated servers for Battlefield. They will probably also rent dedicated servers again for PC players.


Pandamobile2833d ago

Every Battlefield game has used dedicated servers.

xtremexx2833d ago

its called making sure lol

Nuclearwinter2833d ago

lol it's sad that now we have to make sure about what used to be a sure thing. Thanks Activision.

evrfighter2833d ago

Ya that is pretty sad. Pc gaming 10 years ago is the pinnacle of the online experience. Where developers competed with each other by releasing free maps. Free content. LAN support. Just to outdo each in how they support their game.

Valve is the only company left from that era. Not even blizzard can make that claim.

Kleptic2833d ago

yeah PC is a given...if they are planning 64 players like announced; they aren't going to do it without dedicated servers...

this doesn't confirm anything for consoles though...I would be extremely surprised if the PSN got it and XBL did not...but EA has apparently a great relationship with Sony as of late (medal of honor special treatment, Dead space 2 special treatment, saying 'we have a great relationship with Sony' at E3...etc.)

but MS almost never does them...or allows them...or whatever their decision is...

Pandamobile2833d ago

BFBC2, BFBC, BF1943, BF2:MC all had dedicated servers on the 360.

Kleptic2833d ago

^^ i stand corrected...didn't know EA does them regularly with the 360...Ms rarely uses them on their own first party games, so I just assumed nothing was different for 3rd party titles...EA does though, i didn't know that...

Zachmo1822833d ago

All EA games om both the PS3 and 360 have dedicated servers.

peowpeow2833d ago

How popular is BF2 right now? I'm sure towards the release of 3, it will repopulate like CoD never existed (if only)

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Fishy Fingers2833d ago

Wow... Awesome article, 2 lines with minimal information. This is much better than just reading the scans myself...


Well if it didnt how the hell would anyone play a non laggy game?

Firstkn1ghT2833d ago

I'm excited to be picking up my first PC game sine 2004. Currently planning to build me a monster gaming PC. This game should be delicious.

tsunami9012833d ago

I hope they're real dedis. Not like those in BO or BC2.

Pandamobile2833d ago

What do you mean "real dedis"?

Also, the console version of Black Ops doesn't use dedicated servers.

tsunami9012833d ago

No "No public server files" shit. No exclusive server providers. And I meant the PC version of BO.

Pandamobile2833d ago


My guess is that they'll do the same thing they did with Bad Co 2. Limit the server files for a select few providers.

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The story is too old to be commented.