IGN: Ten tips for enjoying Halo 3 - Finish the fight in style

At 12:01AM, Tuesday September 25, Halo 3 will go on sale. Pandemonium will ensue. Dogs and cats, living together -- mass hysteria. Before you rush home and toss Halo 3 into your Xbox 360, you should take note of some tips from someone who's already played the game. No, these aren't tips to help you vanquish the world of Brutes. These are tips to make sure you get the most from your Halo 3 experience. Because, as Bungie explained to IGN, this is a game that must cater to both the casual and hardcore gamer. And if you are reading this, you likely put yourself in the more serious category. So trust IGN when they say that these 10 suggestions will make for a more pleasurable Halo 3 experience.

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Bathyj4043d ago

He's my tip. Dont read the articles. Man I'm sick of all the Halo 3 articles and I've only been reading the headlines.

Halo this, Halo that, Halo halo halo. Its enough already.

Any way 20 minutes to go. I'm off to the shop to get Halo. Cya'll.