Dead Space 2 Unboxing Gone Wrong

What’s better than capturing the unboxing of new game or hardware and sharing it with the rest of the world? Having an unboxing go completely wrong by destroying your TV with a Dead Space 2 Plasma cutter.

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YoungMoney2898d ago

lol!!! That is pretty awesome.

Christopher2898d ago

I expected something completely different. Got a chuckle, though.

xtremeimport2898d ago

my hunt continues for a hot girl who likes video games.
this video proves its possible!

nskrishna22898d ago

look hard nuff and you'll find em..:)
There are plenty of gal gamers who look attractive..where I go to play CS with my buddies i see a lot..

NnT32912898d ago

I dun know about white girls, but asian girls play games quite a lot, and many of them are hot Xd

Synex2897d ago

They're more and more common. They're all over the place now. Don't automatically assume they're extremely geeky because they play games though.

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HarryMonogenis2898d ago

Should of known it was fake. XD