Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Available on PSN

Realm of Gaming has posted news that Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is now available on the PSN.

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Burning_Finger2809d ago

Awesome..Love Harvest Moon Series!!

red2tango2809d ago

Harvest Moon 64 was the greatest game I've ever played during that generation.

Pillage052809d ago

Hah....even my dad got addicted to that game back in the day.

red2tango2809d ago

Just hearing about this I downloaded Project64 and the rom and currently playing during boring lecture lol.

MidnytRain2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

They can be insanely addictive at times. I haven't played one since A Wonderful Life.

Coolmanrico2809d ago

You have now idea how many hours I put into that game when I had it on Playstation. Infact I still have my orginal disc.

Kon2809d ago

One of the best PS1 titles, must have