Interview with Killzone 3 Director

New interview with the Director of Killzone 3

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Dart892811d ago

Great video that was some eipic sh**t when he kills the helghast at the end of the 1st video.February 22 can't come soon enough.

captain-obvious2811d ago

watched the first vid
wont watch the second
too much spoilers

Dart892811d ago

I like how he say's the best part of a golden rule is play test and and feed back through the the forums.

I think more developer's should do that.

Pixel_Enemy2811d ago

I agree. The main complaints about the launch of Killzone 2 was the fact that people had issues with the controls as well people wanted co op and GG seemed to address these issues head on in Killzone 3 rather than add them in to KZ2 via patches or DLC. I am glad they did.

AKA2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

less people working on KILLZONE 3?
so the other part of the team?
is working in the new IP?
questions without answers :(
E3 will be epic if GG show their new IP or KILLZONE 4.

RevXM2810d ago

New IP I hope, they should save Killzone 4 for ps4.
Kz3 will be enough for a while, and there might be some DLC goodies, besides Kz on NGP!

Hulst is a smart and honest guy, and I would totally play his Fantasy MMO-RPG-FPS.

AKA2811d ago

Miyamoto in KILLZONE 4!!! (the italian mafia brothers taking control of Helghast)

WOW lol...

Game0N2811d ago

i love herman hulst, he's such a good speaker and he's loyal to his fans.

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