GamePro: Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale Preview

It doesn't get more old school for role-playing games than Dungeons & Dragons. Though you can find all kinds of video game iterations (even an MMO), the series seems most at home on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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Good news.
Would like to see a new D&D game on current consoles.So many great ideas just sitting there.

Myst2809d ago

*Reads the title and blinks for a few moments*
Wait what Dungeons and Dragons game was in development this whole time?

Larry L2809d ago

I didn't know this was coming to PSN. In this article the author states "On Xbox Live it features 4 player online". Can I assume this goes for PSN as well? I hope so. If so I can pretty much say they've got one copy sold to me.

Though I do need more info. How customizable are our toons? Do they have a set look or do armor pieces and weapons all have their own look? And speaking of armor, are they one piece or 5 piece layouts (as in helm, gauntlets, chest, legs and boots)? I really like lots of variety in the possible looks of weapons and armors, so I really hope there are alot of option al la Champions of Norrath 1&2 on PS2.

This was a genre I loved last gen on PS2 and on PS3 has been very neglected. In fact when PS3 launched, aside from Monster Hunter 3 (fail) and Killzone 2 (win), the game I was most looking forward to was a 3rd Champions of Norrath (fail). Now suddenly this year I'm going to be swarmed with the genre between this, Dungeon Defenders, Dungeon Seige 3, and hopefully even Diablo 3. Not to mention Dragon Age 2, though I do consider that and Sacred 2 a SLIGHTLY different genre as they play a bit more like PC games as opposed to just hack n' slash like Champions of Norrath. But either way, I'm happy. I just hope that at least one of these games live up to what I want, which is basically a new Champions.