L.A. Noire running better on PS3 than 360?

AATG writes:

"Fans of Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 constantly attempt to one-up each other with claims that their respective consoles perform better than their flame-war opponents'. And popular games such as the much anticipated L.A. Noire are bound to stimulate debate and cause one or two arguments on forums across the internet.

And so, with all of that in mind, should we read anything into the fact that Rockstar Games chose footage from the PlayStation 3 version of L.A. Noire in its first official gameplay trailer?"

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jizzyjones2808d ago

Its about time a Rockstar game ran at 720p on PS3, the signs are good so far.

Fishy Fingers2808d ago

Not really a "rockstar game" as such, Team Bondi are developing, R* only publishing.

oldjadedgamer2808d ago

Look at the game play and tell me Rockstar ONLY is publishing

Commander_TK2808d ago

I think it would've looked even better if it was still exclusive.

Kalipekona2808d ago

This doesn't really mean that it is better, but it does bode well for the PS3 version in the sense that we at least know that they aren't embarrased to show it off.

Eidos has also been showing off the PS3 version of Deus Ex Human Revolution. Then again, it also seems to have quite a bit of screen tearing.

All I am saying is that it is generally a good sign that the PS3 version is at least a decent performer. It doesn't mean, however, that the PS3 version will be better than the 360 version.

BiggCMan2808d ago

@CommanderTK. Agent has yet to be shown and it is still exclusive, so keep an eye out for info on that. I'm sure that will look even better.

bluwulf2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Noire isn't even sandbox...Not sure what all the excitement is still...So far, its Mafia isn't it? With a better story, since we are being told its a better story by the dev?

Yeah, what the hell exactly is the hype for this one, from someone who hated GTA4?


Will wait for demo.

MerkinMax2808d ago

Did anyone else notice in that trailer that you saw all the details in character's necks? I saw contractions and even veins expanding, THAT IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!

Istanbull2808d ago

Its normal, Agent will be so much better!

ChrisGTR12807d ago

yea itll defenetly be better on ps3 , just like their last game was , mafia 2.

frostyhat1232807d ago

does your name have anything to do with istanbul( historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople)?

frostyhat1232807d ago

This makes total sense cause they have so much evidence to back it up! lmao

Jneal72807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

@Fishy Fingers, Team bondi is the official developer, but not the only one according to PTOM, issue 42, page 42.

"When Rockstar took over the publishing reigns from SCEA, however, the project became a significantly larger proposition. It's now being worked on by 'several' international Rockstar studios in preparation for it's March 2011 release."

AAACE52807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

@Commander TK... They have been developing this game forever and lead with the Ps3! It is a developers choice if they want to put the extra time into a particular version.

Seeing how they were building the Ps3 version for at least 2 years, the only thing they would possibly do is lower the quality of the 360 version, if for some reason it wasn't able to handle it.

Most games on Ps3 don't use the 50 Gb BR. Most use the 25 Gb BR. Majority use less than Half of the 25 Gb BR. So what exactly are you expecting?

Keep in mind that the capacity of the Ps3 was meant to be unlocked later in it's life. So that even when other systems come out, Ps3 can still compete! Most people were delusional and thought we were seeing the best the Ps3 could do.

kancerkid2807d ago

LA Noire runs better on PS3... but Without the Foliage.

(its a joke everyone, calm down)

kancerkid2807d ago

LA Noire runs better on PS3... but Without the Foliage.

(its a everyone, calm down)

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tehpees32808d ago

Of course it would run better. It was originally built for PS3 hardware. Its just like if MGS 4 came on it would obviously be dumbed down because of DVD space.

This is still a PS3 game by rights and if Rockstar can get it running on 720p multiplat, just think what they can do with Agent ;)

bluwulf2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

360's graphical powerhouses can't run 720p

See Halo & Alan Wake (called the game to use all the 360's power by Microsoft).

MGS4 was 1 title, that still ran in higher native resolution than the 360 top dogs & also had some weird installing constantly feature that hasn't been seen since. Not exactly like MGS4 is the rule for PS3 exclusives.

Keep hanging onto that, I'll just point at Uncharted 3 & Killzone 3 as ambassadors of 720p. All you can do is list multiplatform engines that also run in 720p on the ps3.

Kleptic2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Kojima productions confirmed MGS4's 1024x768 native res as a design decision that would help the game on SD televisions, as that is a 4:3 native res...not that it 'couldn't' do 720p...the PS3 was better at scaling that native res to 720p or 1080i on an HDTV, then scaling 1280x720p to a SD TV (or a TV that didn't support 720p, like older 1080i only HDTVs) least at the time, that was back when the PS3's OS had all kinds of crazy shit for scaling a native 720p game to older tv's...

and they were right...I've played MGS4 on an SD tv and it looks immensely better than other other titles in weird stretching of text or other problems that plague downscaled HD games on the PS3 (the 360 had a built in hardware scaler that was much better for sd televsions)...Kojima stated from the beginning that Sony was thinking a bit too far ahead, and that HD tv adoption wasn't high enough yet to alienate SDTV owners...and the game still looks top tier on an HDTV was one of the best compromises I've seen this generation with the gap in TV resolutions...

its not an Alan Wake 540p (or whatever it is) like example...They just did it because the PS3 at the time was nuts with scaling issues...They've since fixed all that through fw MGS4's release, there wasn't even in game xmb yet...

starchild2808d ago

"360's graphical powerhouses can't run 720p...
MGS4 was 1 title, that still ran in higher native resolution than the 360 top dogs"

bluwulf, you are full of crap.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is 1024x768, which equals 786,432 pixels.

Halo Reach is 1152x720 (which is barely under 720p) and equals 829,440 pixels.

Besides, resolution is only a minor aspect of a game's graphics. You guys act like resolution is all that matters. If that were true then when I play the first Half Life on my PC at over 1080p resolutions than would mean it is better looking than every PS3 exclusive.

Not to mention that other PS3 exclusives like the Ratchet & Clank games were sub-HD as well, running at only 960x704.

And on top of all that the Gears of War games run at full 720p and look better than 99% of the games on the PS3.

Sarcasm2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

"Not to mention that other PS3 exclusives like the Ratchet & Clank games were sub-HD as well, running at only 960x704. "

Ratchet & Clank is 1280x704, not 960x704.

"And on top of all that the Gears of War games run at full 720p and look better than 99% of the games on the PS3. "

That's highly subjective. Besides, tell me why there isn't a single game on the 360 that has the graphics of Wipeout HD? Simple, the 360 is 6 year old hardware.

WetN00dle692807d ago

This game looks great. Release date is still somewhat ways off. I will wait for its release patiently.......ill try at least.

RedRedSuitSDF2807d ago

LMAO at Bluwolf....

now 720p games are where it's at. What happened to you PS3 fanboys screaming out and declaring 1080p games were what's hot?

Lol... SDF.. always moving the goal post on how it is. :D

CoryHG2807d ago

Pretty funny that MGS4 wasn't 720 yet nothing on the failbox even compares.

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Man In Black2808d ago

It's certainly telling that they used the PS3 build. They used the 360 build for RDR gameplay videos, and look at how it turned out.

vsr2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Everybody knows that PS3 > xbox. Deja vu FF13

my biggest concern - Will r* cut the content due to DVD limitations ?

A former exclusive for PS3 !

jbiz3202807d ago

everyone knows EXCEPT the tens of thousands that buy the xbox each month over the PS3..

xAlmostPro2808d ago

This game looks amazing! xD i cant wait until the day that this sort of face capturing is standard in games, if there's a heavy rain sequel they need to use this technique

khan_saab2808d ago

Read Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV ran at 720P

Persistantthug2807d ago

Back in 2007, Rockstar reportedly was having trouble trying to get GTA4 running well on the PS3, this was back when hardly anyone knew how to program for it. The result was a game that ran at native 1152x640.

Read Dead Redemption runs on the same engine as GTA 4, and consequentially, RDR also runs at 1152x640.

Here's what people use to keep track:

tobysims2808d ago

They went with the PS3 version because the game was originally a PS3 exclusive. It would be a big slap in the face to do otherwise. Simple

TerrorCell2807d ago

What about 1080p 120fps?

Vherostar2807d ago

You find 1 game running at 1080p 120fps on 360 or ps3 and get back to me k?

egidem2807d ago

People keep getting this wrong, Rockstar is publishing the game, not making it.

Tr10wn2807d ago

Still this is a Rockstar game look at the gameplay and you can clearly see GTA4 and RDR, rockstar give some of their guys to make this game.

Vherostar2807d ago

Maybe because the engine its running on will also be running AGENT? So it's being tweaked more for ps3?? Just a guess?

darkziosj2807d ago

just like red dead redemption right?

oh wait...

a_bro2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

red dead redemption led on 360, like GTA IV, which is why the PS3 version didnt look as good as the 360 version.

for them to be showing the PS3 version, means that they probably lead on it.

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CaliGamer2808d ago

The footage looks stunning.... the facial animation is really second to none thus far.

It was PS3 footage, if they were able to harness the PS3's power before it went multiplat, I think we might have a definitive indication of console performance on our hands.

Will be interesting to see how this develops.

HairyArse2808d ago

The trailer certainly looks very smooth and the new animation system looks amazing. You can genuinely see the emotion and micro-expressions in the characters.

Fishy Fingers2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Pretty large spin for the headline. It was originally PS3 exclusive so the likelihood is that version is further in development, or more polished making it the ideal candidate for the trailer (which is probably using 'older' code anyway).

Wouldnt be surprised if it 'ran better' on the PS3, but as usual, it'll be a few pixels here, 1 or 2 fps there that seperates the platforms.

Kalipekona2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

That is not very honest of you there. There is a lot more than a fex pixels or 1 or 2 fps difference between many multiplatform games.

If one version of a multiplatform game runs at a solid 30fps and the other has constant dips down to 20 fps, that is a pretty significant difference that will have an impact on your experience.

That is just one example.

If the 360 version of LA Noire has frame rate problems or lower resolution or screen tearing while the PS3 runs smoothly with no screen tearing then people deserve to know that and it shouldn't be minimized.

DelbertGrady2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I bet the PS3 is lead platform as well lol. We've heard this so many times before. We all know how it turns out in the end.

Optical_Matrix2808d ago

Final Fantasy XIII running on PS3 better and at higher resolutions? Yeah know. Vanquish? Yeah. We do know. This is no indication that it will run better but I honestly thought it was PC footage until I remembered its not coming to PC, and saw the PlayStation buttons. Pre-ordered it straight after the video

starchild2808d ago

The Dead Space games had the PS3 as lead platform too and they both were equal or better on the 360.

tehpees32808d ago

Yeah cause development started on PS3 first. Lets see how it turns out:

FFXIII much lower resolution and had content removed because of 360. Thats all that needs to be said

TerrorCell2807d ago

so you know this as fact. the developer actually stated that content was removed because of the 360?

jbiz3202807d ago

where did the developer say that? stop pulling stuff out your arse.

xX-PEIN-Xx2807d ago

@ terror and jbiz

key quote: "The content was already running on actual PS3 hardware, it seems, but was left out due to considerations for game volume and overall game balance."

kancerkid2806d ago

@ Pein,

That quote does not mention the 360, so you are making an assumption.

Any equally valid assumption would be that they left it out because it would not have fit on the Blu-ray either. Also, it might not have fit the rest of the game.

Dev's make all kinds of extra content that they cut from the final game. Everything they make does not end up in the final project for any number of reasons.

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