Duke Nukem Press Event: How Far Is Too Far In Games Journalism?

"Journalists don't need to be wined and dined to attend a preview event, and undoubtedly somewhere there would be someone who may not be offended by the nudity, but they would have felt uncomfortable about it."

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kramun2810d ago

Why are you complaining? Really, why are you complaining? Some of us have to do a job for a living where you have to actually work and you're worrying about being at an event with some women in sexy clothing? As long as you just enjoy your time there and focus on your job why should it be a concern?

F**k off.

--------2810d ago


How can you complain about being surrounded by sexy women, at a preview event for a bad ass game? Ungrateful bastards ;)

Xof2810d ago

As little respect as I have for what passes for "Journalism" in the United States these days, I have even less for gaming "journalists."

At least the people writing for the newspapers and hosting tv news shows over here at least try to put up a facade of professionalism and objectivity.

Or maybe that's worse. I don't know.