Uh, Oh Kratos Had A Sex Change

Gameblurb writes, "Meet Kratosita. When she’s not busy avenging her family, she likes long walks on beaches, hunting mythical public figures, romantic dinners, and decapitation (good luck gentlemen!)."

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PattHpapong2902d ago

Excuse me while I go ponder my sexuality

jaidek2902d ago

haha, that is a whole lot of woman. Can't imagine bringing her home to Mom. And can you imagine the breakup? Ouch!

PattHpapong2902d ago

LOL "hey listen... I think we should see other people... Huh? What's this big circle over my head? Oh sh-"

Blacktric2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

A whole lot of woman? "Its" face looks like an aborted fetus of a Chinese woman.

360degrees2902d ago

"In the end...there will be only cuteness"!

jaidek2902d ago


Kudos to the artist because he went against the sterotypical medium of making her hot and stuck very close to the original design.

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BiggCMan2902d ago

Nariko is the real female Kratos. Shes hot, and badass. This thing is just wrong.

gamingdroid2902d ago

Yeah, it is kind of creepy.

yoshiroaka2902d ago

I dont see why she needed to be bald tho =/ thats kinda weird

Jezuz2901d ago

yes, maybe a lil change to her face and add some hair and maybe a little boobies

lil Titan2902d ago

whats with the disagrees? So if i post a pic of a lady master chief it'll get approved?...maybe im just not hip to this gaming era or the understanding of N4G approval service

MicrocutsX22902d ago

I like how the artists meticulously made sure the chains covered her nipples.

Kiroe2902d ago

Yeah, avoiding the whole nipplegate thing here in America. :)

Bay2902d ago

Kratosita. Uuhhhhh huh.

Not too sure if I'm into....chains. But y'know, whatever floats her boat. Might be kinky.

darkecho2902d ago

Two of my favorite things: God of War and sex changes. Together at last.

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The story is too old to be commented.