This Child Sleeps In A Mario Paradise

Casey Fleser and his wife thought it would be cool to paint their son's room in a Super Mario Bros. theme. So they did. And the end result makes the word "theme" sell it a little short.

Dart894616d ago

That's f**king awesome.

When i have my kid i'm gonna make him a KZ bedroom:).

SuperStrokey11234616d ago

lol kz could make for some interesting dreams for your kid...

HolyOrangeCows4605d ago

I'm going to make my children sleep outside. With the dog.

Oh, but the dog will be the one from Duck Hunt.


How Dragon Quest Unintentionally Created One of Anime's Biggest Tropes

More than 37 years have passed since the first Dragon Quest game was released, yet its influence on modern anime only continues to grow.

andy851d 5h ago

Ah I love this series so much. Port DQVIII to modern consoles I'll be v happy

MrBaskerville21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

I wish they'd port the entire series. Both originals and various remakes. Maybe a remaster of some, like VIII where they could take the 3ds version and add the soundtrack from ps2. Take the fidelity of the ps2 version and all the improvements from 3ds.


The Problem With The Retro Game Market & Why Emulating Is A Good Solution

Dave writes, "Emulation is a reasonable, attainable solution to a retro game market that is inflated more than the price of a carton of eggs. There are many contributing factors and some solutions to help us manage the madness."

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My Arcade is droping the Atari Gamestation Pro with 200+ games on October 31st, 2023

"My Arcade  teams up with the legendary Atari® brand to introduce the Atari Gamestation Pro with 200+ games! The Atari® Gamestation Pro is available for pre-order today, at select retailers for delivery by October 31, 2023 for an MSRP of $99.99 USD." - My Arcade and Atari.

mastershredder10d ago

Pro and My Arcade is like Saying Walmart Deluxe. If you pay 99 for this... you are gonna get robbed.

Expect to see this on amazon via price drop or next holiday firesale for 19.99

My Arcade Products = Landfill Material
My Arcade (Company). = Landfill Material