Halo 3 Reviews

One of the most anticipated games of the year has now been reviewed by all major game sites. See alternative sources below for the full list of reviews.

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toughNAME4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

IGN is paid off my MS


but...all reviewers are giving Halo 3 amazing scores?

who can we blame now Sony boys?

EDIT - so theyve condensed all the Halo 3 reviews into this one article and then chnaged its titles..why?

icechai4045d ago

wtf are you talking about? no one ever doubted Halo 3's success, not even hardcore Sony Fanboys.

FFVIIFan4045d ago

We get you're point. You've opened up every Halo 3 review with the same thing. " ____ is paid off by MS." I know it is sarcasm. I know you love Halo 3. I do, too. But just be happy Halo 3 is finally here. Stop trying to bait Sony fanboys.

progx4045d ago

Eat it droids, Halo 3=GOTY

jack who4045d ago

1 - obviously
IGN is paid off my MS

lol my ms?

SonySoldiers4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

We will do whatever it takes to underscore your favorite games on X360, as to ridicule them so you can cry more like babies!!!

We will not tolerate Xbox 360 as an HD gaming console, even if Sony lost the console wars. We don't care if the 360s win, it's just an illusion created by fanboys to make the 360s look better.

Playstation 3 is all about winning, Microsoft's Xbox 360 is all about copying and failing. SONY MUST WIN, we won't say the other way around!

Don't tell us that we're jealous because we are the proud Japanese inventors that brought you far advanced technology more than anything else in the world today!


borgome4044d ago

No body gives a rip about Japan and the lame a$$ games they develop.


MarioFromTexas4044d ago states that you can finish Halo3 in about 5 hours with co-op and the single player is only a small portion of the package...Explain this then Halo2 sold 7 million copies but yet xbox live only had 2 million accounts...So I guess those other 5 million people that bought Halo2 for single player don't count...It's amazing how double standards these editors are. The only flaw in Heavenly sword was that it was short 7-8 hours..Halo3 has several flaws but no points taken from it...For me a game that gets 9.5/10 should stand out above other games in the same genre, which clearly Halo3 doesn't. Just read the reveiws that are 8.5 and 8.8 and then you can see an honest reveiw for Halo3 but 9.5 for a game with these many flaws is outragious. It's funny how you xbots were talking about how terrible A.I. in Killzone2 was, I guess the joke is on you since Halo3 A.I. is terrible but who cares right it scored a 9.5/10 so I guess COD4 is going to get 10/10 and since UT3 is multiplayer only I guess it's a 10/10..THese Halo3 reviews are a phucking joke, You xbots know this and everyone else knows it or will ...Halo3 reveiws are a phucking Joke!!!!!!

borgome4044d ago

I guarantee if your stank a$$ would just play halo and give it a shot you would fall in love with it just like everybody else. So why don't you just stop your whining and jump in already. Woot!

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shortax4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

with forge and the game video that is plenty to make this game innovative. I think noone really sees the potential of these two seperate much less combined features...but oh yeah this game is overrated because it wont be in the PS3

Edit sorry I meant to comment on takers reply to ghost's comment

ghost3054045d ago

Ken kutaragi must be turning in his grave.... Oh i forgot, and all the other Sony Fanboys.

Shankle4045d ago

Well not the sensible ones. This is only good news for the whole industry, ps3 included. I only have a ps3 but i'm really looking forward to playing this if any of my friends get a 360, however unlikely that is.

TheExecutive4045d ago

lol this has nothing to do with sony or its fanboys... EVERYONE with half a brain knew this game would get this score (i predicted a 9.6). So quit with the flamebait and enjoy the game in two days.

Timesplitter144045d ago

Dude... no ownage here. Everyone knew it would score high. Hell, if the game was a 10 minutes video of old people playing golf in winter, it would've scored 9.0

Taker_1294045d ago

No one in there right mind would have thought this game would receive low scores. Halo is a proven franchise and people that have played the first two knew what to expect: Great single player mode, Great online, with no great graphical improvements, no innovative gameplay, and the same gameplay as the first two.

lonestarmt4045d ago

Yes the 360 has a great game, they have several. The sony fans are not in denial like the M$ fans in thinking that the other console doesn't hav3 a great game. I knew that this game was going to get 95% or more, its sort of the like the media and the reviewers already had it in there mind it was going to be great. I'm not surprised that IGN did find few more flaws that I thought yet they still gave it 9.5. Halo is a blast to play and really fun, but what pisses me off and why I dont play halo is that the reviewers seem to be way more forgiving for halo's flaws than pretty much any other game out there. lol. If it was any other game it would have gotten a lower score, because the single player was a little lacking. I also like how they say its 10-12 hours, on the hardest level setting.

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nobizlikesnowbiz4045d ago

I believe I read a little while ago that you'd eat your hat if IGN didn't give Halo 3 10/10...?

*Hands Meus his hat*



MGS3 got a 9.8 just thought I would let you know.

HateBoy4045d ago

so go play it, stupid.

jaja14344045d ago

And Gears of War got a 9.5, but we are not talking about games that came out last year or 3 years ago are we...