Press Start Online Review: Gives Halo 3 The Gold Award

Press Start Online writes:

"Everything has come together in Halo 3 to form a comprehensive product that has been developed without fear of failure; a game which corrects the vast majority of the mistakes of the past; a game that combines user creativity and interaction across the campaign itself and Bungie's own website to an extent never seen before on a console release. It's not a Return of the Jedi, then, but a triumphant Return of the King.

Halo 3 is just a game, yes. But what a game. It's probably the easiest Gold Award we've ever given to a game, as well as being the first. Bungie will be sleeping in beds made of dollar bills after this, and their comfy currency duvet is well deserved.

Hail to the Chief. Believe."

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jcgamer4045d ago

"While the story mode is being played, it is also being saved in its ENTIRETY for replay on your 360 later in the Theater."

"The game's score is absolutely exceptional: an enticing mix of orchestral bombast and menacing, atmospheric synths thats ebbs and flows with the action, complementing the gameplay in ways that videogames ever manage."

Me want. Now... -jcgamer

skynidas4044d ago

Halo 3 is an overhyped game