Week recap: PS3 DualShock 3; Xbox 360 11.6M; Wii lead slim

Sony Corp. this week announced the new DualShock 3 controller with rumble functionality. The peripheral is expected to be sold in the U.S. in spring 2008.

Additionally, the company delayed the release of Home, the social networking platform for the PS3. It added that it would cost reduce the PS3 in the future.

Sony this week announced that it has acquired Evolution Studios Ltd. The studio developed the online racing title, MotorStorm for the PS3.

Sony this week began offering new demos to the Playstation Store. Demos include NBA 08 and Sega Rally Revo.

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rogimusprime4044d ago

why does it take six months to bring this out? They settled their lawsuit with Immersion MONTHS ago!

That's just pathetic. They better drop the price on the original sixaxis first. I'm a sony fan, but they really can't afford any more BS delays and BS high priced items.

BigFART4044d ago

Yes, you'd think they would've had the rumble ready by Christmas. At least home will have more of an "open" beta for us soon. ( . )( . )

unsunghero284044d ago

1.1 made boobies

On a more serious note, yes Sony should have had rumble a long time ago. Nintendo had no problem putting in rumble with their more advanced motion sensing, so I have yet to figure out why Sony would go without rumble except that they've been having trouble with Immersion.

I don't think rumble would have helped the PS3 sell all that many more copies, but for a company that strives to give consumers the best experience possible the omission of rumble was a disappointing decision.

Hugh Hefner4044d ago

You posted something about all three systems in the title... yet your opening comments are only about Sony. This is one of the reasons N4G can't be treated as a serious news website.

unsunghero284044d ago

All of those are just the beginning of the article. It's not like he handpicked the stuff he wanted, he just copy pasted the first few sentences.

But if you want, you can stick to your conspiracy theory.

Drano4044d ago

The problem you're talking about applies only to those guys too lazy to read the whole article... too much of them, it seems.

LeonSKennedy4Life4044d ago

No rumble hasn't been a big issue, but I've definitely missed it while playing Shadow of the Colossus. Of course...a bodysuite that rumbles would be MUCH better for that game. If Sony could rerelease SotC with sixaxis would have a huge surge in sales, I'm pretty sure. There are so many things they're not thinking of!!!

Whoopy! You bought Evolution Studios! That's great! Now, buy Capcom, Midway, and Square Enix. Then, you'll own the market.

That's RE5, DMC4, UTIII, Gears of War, FFXIII, Kingdom Hearts, FFVXIII, Mortal Kombat, and Area 51. I'd say it's worth the purchase.

Hopefully, they will buy Rockstar soon and that will definitely help.

i Shank u4044d ago

makes gears of war, not Midway. and what do you want gaming to be; FUN, or a Sony monopoly? oh i forgot, you cant respond right now cause youre in high school :p too bad