Can Halo 3 Save Xbox from Nintendo's Wii?

But the real issue is whether the Xbox can take on Nintendo's Wii which is now the No. 1 best-selling game console in the US. And the answer is probably not. Why not? The Wii broke out of the tight confines of "young, avid gamer" category the Xbox and Sony's Playstation inhabit with new technology and experiences that appealed to a much wider audience. Old folks swinging virtual golf clubs, middle aged folks doing their thing all found the motion sensitive Wii fun and fantastic. Wii opened gaming to the entire population, while Xbox and Playstation stuck with the small segment of young gamers.

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eagle214134d ago

Xbox should take on the wii in NA this fall, PS3 will gain ground. PS3 in japan this fall will gain ground. Next year Sony will be into their on with crazy huge exclusives globally. Wii will lose much market esp. software the end of next year when, Sony is around $299 and MS is $199.

unsunghero284134d ago

I srsly doubt Nintendo would just chill and let the competitors drop their pricepoints without having a rebuttal. The Wii is still making Ninty a profit, they could drop its price in a heartbeat if demand wasn't through the roof.

Plus, some really good games are coming out for the Wii this year. (Super Smash, anyone?)

eagle214134d ago

When Sony and Microsoft go mass market, the wii can't compete. No FFXIII, Halo 3, GTAIV, Gran Turismo 5, etc. (not even scratching the list by a hair). They better make dozens of new ip, the sequels of games on top of AAA masters plus new announcements will grace the MS and Sony shelves!

Texas GMR4134d ago

I don't think Sony or Microsoft will be able to overcome the console sales of the Nintendo Wii. It still sells out everytime it hits store shelves and it's not even close to Christmas yet.

They may win the console race, but they won't ever come close to software sales of MS or Sony.

TheExecutive4134d ago

no one single game can save any system. Its too early to tell whats going to happen. Next year, sonys major exclusives come out (much like this year for MS) and who knows what the wii has in store. Like I have said before it will be next winter before there is any light on how this console generation will end up.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4134d ago

I'm blown away at the great reviews Halo 3 is getting but one game doesn't make a system. For example, the N64 had both The Legend of Zelda: Orcina of Time and Mario 64 (two of the greatest games of all time) yet the PS1 still crushed the N64 that generation

(One reason was...ahem... N64's cartridge media was being too restrictive for game publishers....history repeating itself?).

But props to Halo3. Good job Bungie.

Chris_GTR14134d ago

halo cant save xbox from wii. they target 2 completely diffrent audiences. one is for hardcore gamers the other is primarily for children,women, and old people

thisisim4134d ago

Pretty arrogant to assume the Wii only appeals to kids, women, and old people. Unless by old people you're referring to people who have crossed out of their teens...

Either way you have no foundation for argument. I've seen plenty of people who would fall into the all-important "hardcore gamer" category really enjoy the Wii.

neogeo4134d ago

N64 still sold over 40 million systems. that is almost has good as Snes.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

33 million N64's vs 102 million PS1's....the N64 was a nice system but come on, the PS1 crushed it sales-wise. That's not even debatable.

DJ4134d ago

have already purchased their systems, and I doubt that one game is going to save the 360. They need at least a dozen compelling exclusive titles to pull through, not just two or three. The same goes for other consoles.

Xi4134d ago

already bought the ps3 so it's doooooomed right?

SJL4804134d ago

I disagree with both DJ and XI. Halo will sell some consoles and if you think everybody who wants FF and MGS had the money to buy at launch or at first price cut you're either not very smart or your sarcastic with a poor grasp of analogy.

People are waiting for Halo from MS but no one is really waiting for a price cut. Sony fans are waiting for their games and a price cut.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4134d ago

Actually, a lot of people (the smart ones) are waiting for the 'Falcon', 65nm Xbox 360's to come out. I personally wouldn't touch the 90mn Xbox 360's with a 10-foot pole.

grunt3604133d ago

Nah, people who are gonna buy Halo 3 haven't all got their 360's. I can tell you this as my friends said they were gonna just buy the 360 for Halo 3, like Halo 1/2 was to the Xbox. And considering that 3/4 of my current friend list on Xbox Live have got 360's, then the other 1/4 have yet to buy their 360's.

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Ps3Fanboy7774134d ago

Cant wait to see te Wii in 2 years. Man will that be a worthless pile of electronics.

unsunghero284134d ago

Because a new Wii SKU is impossible, right?

Chris_GTR14134d ago

lol nope a new sku isnt possible. there just gonna keep rolling out the cr9py new controlers. first wiimote,then wii board,then wii GUN not zapper,lol you can even tell how childy this system is by calling an obvious gun attachment a "zapper",whats next? there probably gonna come out with a wii bike,walking machine,and some wii weights

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