Peter Molyneux On Fable 2

On Saturday attended The Gathering 07, an event arranged by Microsoft for members of the XCN, as well as being able to get hands on with some of the biggest games to be released this year, they also had the pleasure of listening to some incredible guest speakers, one of which was Peter Molyneux who spoke about Fable 2.

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Legionaire20054045d ago

Move over Legend of Zelda Fable 2 will blow the water out of you!!! with next gen graphics and state of the art combat.

felidae4045d ago

hope Fable 2 will be good. cause the first one sucked

InMyOpinion4045d ago

The first one was awesome. You know it, I know it. Move along, drone.

Robeezy4045d ago

well fable 1 didn't "suck", but it wasn't really that great. I don't even know how its called a rpg. It's ridiculously linear which i hate. Also this article has some of the worst grammar i have ever seen.

wotta4045d ago

Sorry about my editing on the article about Fable 2 by the way, it was a long weekend with lots of drink and no sleep, I fixed it now I think.

neogeo4045d ago

I hope its has good as the last one