G4TV: DC Universe Online Review

Up, up and away! There Goes All Your Free Time. DC Universe Online includes many popular features of current MMOs, playability on both the PlayStation 3 and PC and total immersion into the well-known world of DC Comics. Launch content smartly caters to many playstyles with inspired solo questing, group missions, end game raiding and PvP scenarios. Backed by SOE, this superhero MMORPG is both fun and challenging with just a few small bumps that need ironing out. With the DC world at its disposal, G4 is confident that this title has years of growth ahead of it.

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zootang4382d ago

God, I love this game!

Raoh4382d ago

same here.. the only downside is all the games coming out at the same time frame..

dc universe
mass effect 2
killzone 3
littlebigplanet 2
dead space 2

that's just february and january and narrowing it down to the good titles

P_Bomb4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

Indeed. I have to leave it for a while just to get caught up on other games before it gets too late, lol. I will be back though, guaranteed. Summer's usually dead for games. Perfect time to knock out a couple more level 30's.