Rendering Games with Raytracing Will Revolutionize Graphics

Ray tracing is heavily compute bound, but a new Intel employee is hoping that Intel's new hardware and his team's new software will soon bring ray tracing to the gamer for real-time, high resolution applications.

As it turns out, because of the way raytracing scales with the resolution of the screen, future handheld devices that succeed the likes of the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS could use raytracing as well.

The team at Intel estimates that within 2 years or so, the hardware will exist that will allow "game quality" ray tracing on a desktop machine. That means that in that timeframe we might see a fully raytraced game engine (though probably from a team like one at Intel).

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socomnick4047d ago

Guess we will use this on the next xbox and playstation.

ShiftyLookingCow4047d ago

I wonder if the next PS has 4 Cell processors and what nvidia is doing about raytracing?. I am sure AMD/ATI already has something cooking even though they are not publicly showing it.

Shankle4047d ago

When this gets going full scale, every game is gonna have a startling abundance of very shiny surfaces....

vidoardes4046d ago

You hit the nail on the head, it's gonna be overkill like bullet time was driven into the ground... I can just see it now, a FPS set in a mirror maze

MrSwede4047d ago

That avatar is brilliant!

projectile4047d ago

So this is why the pit screens are so good looking! To bad they cant use it ingame yet.

BBsin4047d ago

I'm getting disagrees for telling the truth?? tsk tsk, silly fanboys, they just can't accept it.

TheExodus4047d ago

You do realize that demo shows 3 PS3s ray-tracing a simple spinning car. How many PS3s would it take to ray-trace R:FOM?

BBsin4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

You do realize that in the video they are using 6 SPEs to do it right??? and that GT5 uses ray tracing in the pit scenes in real time with only 1 PS3 right???

TheExodus4047d ago

HDR lighting is being applied to the garage scenes, but the scenes themselves are not being ray-traced by the PS3. If you read the linked article further you will learn that a single PS3 isn't powerful enough to apply HDR lighting in-game which is why it's use has been restricted to the garage scenes.

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The story is too old to be commented.