King of Fighters XII Confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360

Back in 2006, SNK's Overseas Marketing Manager Yoshihito Koyama told Kotaku that the Osaka-based developer thought a "good time" to release a PS3 game was 2009-10. SNK confirmed that King of Fighters XII would be hitting North America on the PLAYSTATION 3 and the Xbox 360 in early 2009. The last non-spinoff entry in the series was KOF XI in 2005, and the upcoming game is a 3D fighter that is shaded to look 2D. Koyama described it as "3D mixed with 2D." Before that, the title will be rolled in its Japanese arcade version in late 2009. Looking forward to seeing how SNK combines this.

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Marona4816d ago

They seriously better make it good this time and close enough to what Soul Calibur IV looks like.

nasim4816d ago

why make a game for x360 and lose millions in EU and JAPAN.

by 2010 ps3 would be the only console in the market and so producing both versions doesnt make sense

X_GAMER_X4816d ago

one of the best fighting games I ever playd is KOF from 96-99.
crazy combo.And Im all about combo.
Mortal combat is my favoritt thou. Mortal kombat trilogy.

I didnt like the one on 360 cuz of the controll.
Loved the sega version :)

seriously guys..PPL used to come and challenge me from other towns or places..

but thats old days now :(

Darkiewonder4816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

2 years to get the game? xD
a long wait.

But wait, 3D mixed with 2D?

That sounds REAL interesting.

Charlie26884816d ago

WTF promised new High Res 2D characters..and you come out now that they are 3D cell shaded? WTF!!!!

I hope you just dont F-UP the game or it will be a bloodbath