Battlefield 3 Live Demo Impression: It’s Incredible

EA and Dice are showing live demonstrations of Battlefield 3 and the footage is blowing the minds of viewers. Steve Papoutis, Executive Producer of Dead Space 2, saw a live demo and shares his impressions.

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a_bro2899d ago

i cant wait to get this for my PC.

Hydrolex2899d ago

I can't wait for the next gen game that's using the time machine

DORMIN2899d ago


C'mon DICE!

The_Claw2899d ago

Relax dude, it will be unveiled at GDC March 1st

LoVeRSaMa2899d ago

I think Battlefield is more a PC game, don't get me wrong I loved BC2, but 1942, BF2 they all bring back PC memories, it would not be right If I didn't get it on PC ^___^

Perjoss2898d ago

@ loVe

I agree that BF games play better on the PC, but i did have a ton of fun playing BC2 on the xbox360, it didn't feel 'broken' in any way, superb game.

Sarcasm2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Same here. I cant believe how excited I am for this title. And as for the console vs the PC, the PC version is going to be the one to get.

But playing BC2 on the PS3, I never felt like it was gimped or anything, it's just as fun as the PC game. Except now that I've been playing the PC version daily, I cant go back to the PS3 version. No AA, 30fps, and screen tearing kills it for me now.

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Quagmire2899d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Can't wait to play it on PS3.

espiritu6042899d ago


DanSolo2898d ago

Samurai Quagmire??

Now there's a scary thought.......

VenomProject2898d ago


I'm also buying it for the PS3! :D

doa7662899d ago

the second one managed to look a lot better on the videos than what it actually was

on the pre-release vids it look like killzone but then it was just a little better than call of duty with destructible enviroments

AKA2898d ago

its true, and fanboys disagree with you
but lets hope this one is on the killzone level of quality on the ps3.

and lets hope that they mod the maps to make it better for 24 player because in bc2 they were to big and it was plan boring most of the time.

Fishy Fingers2898d ago

Second one? I think your confusing Battlefirld with Bad Company. I assume, your a console gamer.

sak5002899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I'm torn between my new Core i5 760 2.8 Quad @ 3.8Ghz on Asus P7P55D-Premium board 4GB DDR3, with Asus 5870 1GB @ 900mhz/4900 on 24" 1080p MS236H or xbox360 on 50" 1080 plasma laying on my couch.

Since I haven't played any games on pc in a long while and I tried BF:2142 after a few years it felt so awkward playing with kb/m and coudn't control it properly. I remember playing for months on and pwning people in BF:1942, Vietnam, BF:2 and 2142 but now it seems alien. I was even invited in one UK based clan even though i'm in Dubai.

Anyway,i'll let the demos of the pc, 360 decide it for me.

Anyway, hope they release ht

Marked2898d ago

I would say... hook the Pc to your 50" and enjoy both worlds. You can also use your 360 controler on PC with little effort. There is something about a controler that feels more effortless.

Does anyone know off hand if there is a way to use the PS3 bluetooth controler on an enabled PC for gaming?

Staude2898d ago

@Marked. yes there is. Look for "motionjoy" It's a highly customizable dual shock 3 tool.. Also works for the six axis.

sak5002898d ago

@ Marked

Thanks for the advice m8. I have a long HDMI cable to hook up the pc to the tv and even have my cable 360 controller installed on pc but playing with controller against with kb/m guys will be suicide. I'll still try the demo on pc first and see if i get used to kb/m again ;) I have my EA profile since the begining and i can use it on either pc or 360.

LMS2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

@sak500 will be sub-hd, with jaggies everywhere and terrible texture work on's like you like saying you're torn between getting it for the ps2 or the ps3...hook you pc up to your 50" like me and millions of other pc gamers dude...also, there are lots and lots of mods to make controllers work with any game, you'll get your ass handed to your constantly for using a controller against kb/m, but you can do it.

do you even have a gaming pc, or are you pretending, did you just get it??

distorted_reality2898d ago

What speed is that ram at?

Seems a little imbalanced...

sak5002898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Nice 11 disagrees. boy u guys must be real jealous bunch.


Check my 3D mark 06 score and details.


memory is Kingmax 1600Mhz o/c 1743

The multiplier is unlocked by the MB so able to set it to 22 x 175Mhz bus = 3.85Ghz. But also using EPU engine software which comes with Asus MBs and automatically o/cs or un/cs the process as and when there is requirment. While browsing it's usually @ 1.5ghz

also pic of my TVs and 360s and PC desktop

Edit: the desktop picture turns real small via photobucket dont know why. It's wide as i have two monitors linked up, 24" Asus and 19" Sammy.

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Spitfire_Riggz2899d ago

Homer simpson: Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!

FinalSpartan2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

This going to be amazing! All these crappy FPS going to die. RIP COD and Killzone and other generic FPS :P

AccountClosed570292898d ago

Why didn't you mention Halo? Oh yeah, I forgot, it burned itself out already.

egidem2898d ago

Dice is one of those developers that really know their craft and never fail to impress me with all their battlefield series.

Each sequel is to me an improvement from the other. They, unlike Activision and Bobby, don't want to make a half assed buggy port of a game (Black Ops) so that they can rip us off in order to make quick money.

Dice took their sweet time to do a true sequel (5 years in fact) and during that time, us fans were treated with the sweet Bad Company 1 and 2 that I truly enjoyed.

Call of Duty is a good series, but lately, it has been lacking innovation, new ideas. I understand that they are sticking with a formula that works, but if there is a better formula out there, someone will go for it.

I highly look forward to Battlefield 3!

ivant2898d ago

I cant wait to get this for my Ps3

....still playing Warhawk religiously. It's the closest thing to a battlefield online experience except for not having the "Modern Warfare" looks, kit, environments, weapons, vehicles.

mega BIG time2898d ago

been waiting for this title for years. Finally got a reason to play a PC game. Now i just need Diablo3 and CS 2 and i will be complete.

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Dart892899d ago

The shots in the game informer look badass.

rawrockkillz2899d ago

How about showing off that there demo to the public?

ugo2899d ago

tired of fps shooter

Thrillhouse2899d ago

This isn't just any military shooter this year, it is THE military shooter.

MWong2898d ago

I got my GI issue last night and all I can say is this game is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!!! The level of detail for the damage alone is way beyond BC2.

Marked2898d ago

LOL, wrong thread for that comment. Try socom 4 or spec ops for TPS, socom 4 looks pretty solid... no 1 or 2 but still hopefull.

visualb2898d ago

tired of pointless comments

ivant2898d ago

...tire of "ground base" and confined fps shooters?

Not so with Battlefield2....will be epic in its scale.

IcarusOne2898d ago

"tired of fps shooter"

Same here but this is BF we're talking about. I skipped COD: BO because, honestly, at this point, fuck COD. And I'm getting KZ3 mainly just to have a tech demo to show off my home theater to friends and maybe for a little of online play.

But someone said, this is shaping up to be THE FPS. I'm onboard. Let's roll the DICE!

im-12-years-old2898d ago

@ugo You're tired of First person shooter shooter?

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Pandamobile2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

"Battlefield 3 is being developed with the PC as the lead console "

God damn it, Examiner. Can you guys ever get anything right?

plb2899d ago


TheGameFoxJTV2899d ago

Lol, they were close. They meant platform.

ATiElite2899d ago

More like lead system of platform cause my PC is not a CONSOLE!

Battlefield 3 is not a GAME, it's a way of life!

AKA2898d ago

pc is a console you nerd, disagree all you want but its
i have seen many times devs saying such a thing and they know better than you do.

Pandamobile2898d ago

AKA, do you not know anything about anything?

And really? You're calling me a nerd? I see we have a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Ravenor2898d ago

Yeah the PC gamers are nerds comments aren't getting old, you guys want to try something new? And what about people who play both? Where do we stand? What exactly about PC gaming makes it "nerdier" then other ways of playing games?

I guess it's acceptable to make assumptions about people based on platform of choice. How grown up.

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