Gears Of War For Kinect An On-Rails Shooter, Says Source

Gears Of War For Kinect An On-Rails Shooter, Says SourceMicrosoft's Kinect may get its first taste of hardcore flavor—made a little bit softer—in the form of an on-rails Gears of War shooter, pictured above, said to be in development for the Xbox 360.

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ActionBastard3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I think it's a given. How else would you control, well, anything? The pace of Gears doesn't seem to fit the nature of Kinect controls. We'll see.

EDIT: Dead Space Extraction has a controller. One that can tell wrist movement and has reload buttons and weapon swap buttons and a "fire" button. I'm not concerned with on-rails, I'm concerned with waving my arms around while a game plays itself.

Kamikaze1353880d ago

Well, that's not saying much. Look at Dead Space: Extraction. I'm sure they'll find a way to make it work.

SasanovaS19873880d ago


why are you downplaying wii by comparing garbage that is kinect to it? it isnt a wii, it cant be a wii, it never will be a wii. if anything, its trying to be a playstation eye camera.

Move on the other hand, is trying to be a wii. an HD wii at that. a better wii.


ShinMaster3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Wii does have hardcore games.
But before going any further, what do you consider hardcore games? Rated M shooters? LOL

Kinect is even worse than the Wii for the simple fact that you have little to no actual control. Both Wii and Move would be better with it since they both give you more freedom and control.

Sony had been working on Move tech since before the Wii.

doa7663880d ago


ChronoJoe3880d ago

Onrails is alright

Don't knock house of the dead and Time Crisis :D

But Kinect, can't make a hardcore game. On rails or no, the input is too accessible/casual.

DigitalAnalog3880d ago

Before the popularity of CD systems, I go with my friend at the arcade to play coin-op on rails at the arcades.

That was pretty much Hardcore.

-End of Line

ComboBreaker3880d ago

Meanwhile, Kinect isn't accurate and you have to wave your hand and Kinect try it's best to guess where you're shooting at. In other word, auto-aim.

3880d ago
ComboBreaker3879d ago

Soory dude, but Kinect is not accurate enough. It can't even track fingers. It can only track your hand with a low resolution camera, and calculate the angle of your hand using a 3D image, which isn't very accurate.

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young juice3880d ago

Gears Of War For Kinect An On-Rails Shooter, Says Common Sense


blumatt3880d ago

There's nothing wrong in particular about Kinect having an on-rails game. The problem is you can't do a 3D walking around type FPS/TPS like CoD or Gears with Kinect. It's just not possible, or, if it was, they would definitely have come out with one by now. Even if it is, though, who really wants to walk around in front of the camera to play the game. lol That might be cool for a few minutes but it would definitely suck after awhile.

B1663r3880d ago

Well Kinect works fine for catching arm waves while you are sitting down, it has no problem with that, and you could even use the pointer interface to shoot, but it wouldn't be one to one...

I just don't see a rails shooter being sold as anything but an XBLA title. Yeah, I could seee that... As part of the promotion leading up to Gears 3.

blumatt3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

lol Knowing MS's history, they'll probably end up selling it on disc and charging $50 for it like other Kinect games. (See Halo:ODST. It was supposed to be an expansion to Halo 3 and it ended up costing a full $60. haha)

Mr2Good33880d ago

On Rails means limited Technology...Kinect

sp1deynut3880d ago

...and it's launch titles. "Don't MOVE your feet!" a FIGHTING game, designed specifically for MOVE.

3880d ago
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Stealth20k3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

of course. it couldnt have been anything other than an on rails piece of crap

Not really when you dont have a controller.

Waiting your arms? sounds like it.

slate913880d ago

Can't really expect anything else. Calling it crap is a little early isn't it though?

Trroy3880d ago

I'm wondering what the name will be. Gears of Extraction? Resident Gears: Lambent Chronicles?

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