Mass Effect: Interview with Greg Zeschuk by GameSpy

Five years after making a name for itself in the RPG world with the fantasy classic Baldur's Gate, BioWare received even greater acclaim for its treatment of the Star Wars universe in 2003's Knights of the Old Republic. GameSpy sat down with BioWare President Dr. Greg Zeschuk during 2007's Tokyo Games Show to chat about the company's first original science fiction property, the highly anticipated Mass Effect.

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hotshot12374042d ago

.............pause........go.. ....................thats freakin annoying and takes away from the battle expierence and then its a 40 hour game of TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TALKING. AND DONT EVEN BRING UP MGS BECAUSE UNLESS YOU HAVENT PLAYED THE GAME, THERE IS PLENTY OF GAMEPLAY

power of Green 4042d ago

MGS: Watch........... go......Watch go.............pause.........w atch..........go.......pause... .....go... I mentioned it first.

Whats up with the 5th generation Q's?, stars circling around charactors heads in a Halo, MGS4 is going to have silly gameplay like the other games, Snake puts barrels in his pocket to hide in them?, the game is just wacky in so many ways. Whats with the Hump people in the ass choke move or the D!ck grabing gameplay?, is that Robot flaming the way it moves is funny.


If you don't like the "pausing", then the 2 biggest franchises for pS3 are going to royally SUCK for you ! You'd better pickup a Wii because MGS & FF will have you watching more endless noninteractive CG than Mass Effect will. And the "gameplay" on both of those titles is *B3YOND LAME*.

Back to topic, Greg rocks - I think this will be Bioware's best game to date, & if so, another GOTY trophy for Bioware. Good Stuff.


power of Green 4042d ago

You don't have to pause anything why do fanboys keep saying that.

People say too much talking the dam thing is part RPG or RPG at heart, RPG's are filled with cutscenes the only difference is in this game you control them. The fear and envy of this title's going to make Halo seem like it was loved even by the most hateful of Sony fanboys.