Halo 3 - Elephant and Hornet screenshots

Some screenshots of the Elephant and Hornet vehicles that will be used in Halo 3 have been released.

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Daz4043d ago

Hopefully in forge you can change the elephant speed lol

Daxx4043d ago

I almost wonder if you could attach those portable grav lifts to the bottom of the elephant with forge and make the elephant float around. Now that would be cool. :D

nobizlikesnowbiz4043d ago

Doubt it. But I bet you could make a "train-track" of grav lifts for it to ride on. Maybe pushed by a wraith to go faster?

rubarb234043d ago

that Elephant is a beast!!! imagine 16 guys on that thing going at it - royal rumble style up in that mother.

Ugly American4043d ago

Do you hear it? It sounds... distinctly... like you and the jerk after you being dropped into my ignore list.

Ahhh, it is music to my ears.

2tea4043d ago

its just the same sh!t different smell. could the graphic get any worse.

QuietMan694043d ago

Graphics!!!! never played graphics LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.