Killzone 3 Dev Expects Motion Controls To Replace Conventional Ones

Speaking to CVG, de Roos, who's one of Killzone 3's principal programmers, said "I think, as this develops [using motion controllers], in a few years most of the first-person-shooters will be played like this. I really think so. Maybe not the Move specifically but a pointing controller like this."

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a_bro4613d ago

well having played it and dominated 10 games with it since the start of the Beta, its here to stay. as for replacing it, idk about that.

Raider694613d ago

Im glad you Play with noobs!

DORMIN4613d ago

I think I will in the not so near future.

For consoles, Its inevitable. again thanks to Nintendo. The D-pad, The analog stick, and the motion controller.

For computers, Keyboard will continue to be the standard for a long time because of many reasons not only in gaming.

gypsygib4613d ago

You sound jealous deadlybrand

room4144613d ago

Dormin you're a typical know-nothing nintendo fan who thinks nintendo invented everything.

There were plenty of analog sticks around before they put one on a 64 controller. The first d-pad was used in 1981 on milton bradley's microvision. And xavix, which released in 2004, was the first wii mote/Move like motion controller.

DORMIN4612d ago

hahahaa, know-nothing Nintendo fan? Now i've heard it all. Funny you say that since I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the N64.

Obviously Nintendo did not invent these things.
But you can't deny they popularized those things and made it the standard in consoles.

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NoobSessions4613d ago

No thank you. I don't mind having motion controls as an alternative control scheme however as long as it doesnt nerf the traditional controls.

I think motion controls should stay where they're most popular, with casual and fun games. Most of them would lose alot of their joy if used with a traditional controller].

Some games do well with motion controls though[Look at some of the Wii's best games. But ultimately I want a tradional controller with my main games.

a_bro4613d ago

I dont play with noobs, thats the problem : ). And you better be careful when you play me online with my move controller , its going to depress you.

AKA4613d ago

lol your funny

I have the move and wull use it on the campaign and maybe sometimes online but i dont think so.

Glad that you can play better with the move i guess is the new generation casual friendly like they say it was going to be.

a_bro4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

If you have move, then go try it in the k3 beta right now And tell me if its for noobs.

A noob doesn't get 48 kills and 10 deaths against ds3 players, especially when playing with a move controller, right?

Btw these were games in which I ended up in first place in my team. And this was with aim assist off.

Instead of disagreeing with me, prove me wrong since you have the equipment.

People just love being skeptical

Btw, im not saying that motion controls will eventually replace regular controllers, all I said that they are here to stay.

Btw I will not hit agree or disagree with no one just to not stir flamebait. Don't believe me if you want, but kz3 proved to me that move should be taken seriously for playing hardcore titles. I've been gaming for over 20 years now And never have I seen a device do such things for the fps genre.

DERKADER4613d ago

Console manufactures have been selling us Motion peripherals, plastic guns and power gloves for decades. The one thing they all had in common was they were all gimmicks used to increase market share. When the next generation of consoles comes out we'll get all new worthless motion devices to spend money on.

Tommykrem4613d ago

As Ben Croshaw said, the optimal solution to create immersion is getting a maximum output from a minimum output (You do as little as possible in real-life, to get as big as possible output in game).
So unless motion gaming feels like you're really doing the motions in the game, most people are likely to feel more immersed by a minimal input solution like controllers, keyboards and mind-control. So controls shouldn't be on their way out just yet :)

ELite_Ghost4613d ago

i'll only use my move for campaign
Don't wanna get pwned online XD

AKA4613d ago

you will not get pwned





dinkeldinkse4613d ago

A lot of people prefer conventional controls.