Video: XCM XFPS 360 Pro - Keyboard and Mouse action for Halo 3

XCMLive just sent over a new video which shows their XCM XFPS 360 Pro product enabling keyboard and mouse action on Halo 3.

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Jdash244047d ago

wow, the endings on youtube, all the skull locations are on youtube, and its been hacked to play on a mouse and keyboard, and it still isnt even out yet, wonder what else is out there

i know tomorrow this place is going to get flooded with halo 3 reviews

power of Green 4047d ago

Cool I guess don't see the big deal with K&M I guess its for people that got use to the simple skill it takes to use the setup. Also those over-seas reviewers are out of their minds saying this title looks like a high rez Halo 2, Halo 2 in HD does not make that much detail and advanced lighting magiclly apear.

power of Green 4047d ago

Is that a chick or does that dude need to clip his nails?. lol

Satanas4047d ago

Whoa, so you can purchase this for KB/M use huh? That's awesome, definitely a turn on for me as a mouse FPS guy. I'd buy this to play Halo 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.