Halo 3: All Gold Skull Locations (But 1)

All Gold Skull Locations apart from "Fog" on Floodgate. *No Story Spoilers*

My friend S1ick Nick and I made this video for Halo 3 fans having trouble finding the Skulls, We cant find Fog and would really like help finding, If anyone knows where please Comment to the video on youtube or PM me here.

Thanks Hooded Vendetta.

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Jdash244044d ago

wow sweet, definatly bookmarking this vid, will be helpful when playing campain, if anyone finds a vid of the missing one (fog on floodgate) please post

ANoobsJourney4043d ago

I will be back to this post after I beat the game by myself! Thanks!

rahndle554042d ago

hey man, i went to the first skull on sierra 117 but it ain't there --- does it have to be on Legendary?? cause it was... i tried on heroic too but it wasn't there.. what's going on?

Columbo4041d ago

Hey, I played Sierra 117 on heroic last night, and I found the skull in the spot shown. Although it wouldn't let me pick it up at all for some reason. I tried for about 10 minutes. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that it was my first time playing the level, or what. I haven't tried going back to replay the level yet. Anyone know?

Danger_Dude4041d ago

found this site before i found this one i hope it helps you