Have TGS Attendees Purchased The New PSP?


"Since the PSP Slim hit Japan a few days ago (September 20th), we thought we'd poll the hardcore gamers sweating their way through TGS as to whether or not they'd made the plunge. And while our poll is hardly scientific (Ash had to write the question on a piece of paper for us), our conclusion is that Japanese women love Luke's powerful beard."

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-CaT-4096d ago

Did'nt this thing just release a few weeks ago?...

That would be like me going to an NBA game in Utah asking if they seen the new resident Evil movie yet...


GoLeafsGo4096d ago

Actually, it hit the day the show 2 days prior to 'poll'.

duarteq4096d ago

Even so they sold 100K PSP in one week surpassing Ds...