Stranglehold Banned in Germany

Der Actionshooter John Woo's Stranglehold ist einer der Gamehighlights des Jahres 2007. Wegen seiner Gewaltdarstellung musste die deutsche Fassung allerdings einige Zensuren über sich ergehen lassen.

Obwohl es noch nicht Monatsende ist, hat die Bundesprüfstelle einer Sonderinfo herausgegeben, in der die Indizierung von Stranglehold bekannt gegeben wurde, nachdem schon nach einigen Händleraussagen über eine bevorstehende Indizierung spekuliert wurde.

Betroffen von der Indizierung ist die X-Box 360 EU-Version von Stranglehold. Indiziert wurde das Spiel auf Liste A und ist damit als jugendgefährdend deklariert worden


- To much violence
- The German version was already cut
- The text says that only the 360 version is banned. But I guess PS3 and PC are affected as well.

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Time Lord4048d ago

Are movies/music banned there is well?

MK_Red4048d ago

Germany must be Jack Thompson's favorite country. Anyway, sad news for German gamers. 3 of the best 360 games were banned there. Gears, Stranglehold and Dead Rising (The latter being the best next gen game before BioShock IMO)

Itachi4048d ago

on a german watch dog episode about xbox 360 disc scratching remeber the lil kid and his grandma his was playing a copy of gears

Coffin874047d ago

well it sucks ass, i hate this country for doing so (public hysteria and worried pensioners, sry i meant politicians..).

BUT there are a lot of websites and also retailers that sell these games, 99% of them multilanguage. :)

DrWan4048d ago

Well, if they are sort of fluent in english that's ok. bc PS3 is region free (not sure about 360), so they can run a US vesion anyways

DrWan4048d ago

Oh wait, is this the one bluRay game that is region locked due to Hard Boiled inclusion, then that'd be bad! anyoen remember the details?

therealwillie4048d ago

or just buy it in france or the rest of europe

Ghoul4048d ago

@ dr. wan

midway stepped back from the region lock. you can play the us version on any system even hardboiled.

Ghoul4048d ago

the game is NOT banned its just taken out of the open advertising machanics. Its called the index wich reverts the products rights to be advertised in public. its NOT banned you can still go to a shop tell the henchmen that your 18 (show id) and purchase the game.

BloodySinner4047d ago

Wow Germany. Why don't you ban video games altogether. Geez...

Ghoul4047d ago

the ones skilled in reading are the blessed.

read again what i wrote and then come back

BloodySinner4047d ago

I did read. I read the title. Not your little comment.

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The story is too old to be commented.