TGS 2007: Dark Cloud Meets White Knight Story?

PS3 RPG fans have been looking forward to any information that Level-5 has been willing to release on their upcoming fantasy RPG, White Knight Story. The title, which showcases a young man who acquires an artifact that allows him to transform into a large mythical creature, has been generating a ton of additional buzz for the PS3. Now, it appears that PS2 fans of Level-5's work will have something to look forward to in White Knight Story - the inclusion of a Dark Cloud character in the upcoming RPG.

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MK_Red4139d ago

1.Cool news.
2.Please make next Dark Cloud ASAP.

Darkiewonder4138d ago

It'll be a character that will get the "WTF" in gaming history.

I wonder how important this character will be in the game. Please god, don't let it be an NPC but a villain <3

stuntman_mike4138d ago

looks good, and figthing system similar to zelda, cant wait.