TGS Impressions: Ninja Gaiden 2

Team Ninja's long-awaited, not-a-remake sequel to Ninja Gaiden has already garnered attention for its gratuitous and unyielding violence, with early screenshots depicting massive arterial blood sprays, decapitations and all manner of lopped and lobbed limbs. It's further exacerbated when seen in motion, as enemies clutch bloody stumps and roll about in agony when separated from their legs. If you didn't consider series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa to be a murdering machine before, Ninja Gaiden 2 should provide enough visual evidence to convince you otherwise.

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YEAH Baby, YEAH !!!

Love Ninja Gaiden. Can't wait for '08.


Covenant4096d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 is an action-loving gamer's dream...

And Jack Thompson's worst nightmare. Especially if it has big, bare jubblies. (Please).

BloodySinner4096d ago

I hope it's way harder than the first game. I love hardcore gaming.


I found the article very informative and it allowed me to invision what type of experience I can expect from the game.