Xbox TV channel incoming?

Microsoft is plotting a dedicated Xbox TV channel, with claims that the streaming service could be ready to hit gaming hubs in autumn this year. The news follows reports last year which suggested Microsoft was looking into using the Xbox 360 as a conduit for cable companies in the US to deliver channels and TV content.

thebudgetgamer4909d ago

that's cool. keep it free, or part of xbl.

Kon4909d ago

Free? on XBL?? hahahahah

thebudgetgamer4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

i know i meant as a part of it. not pay for xbl and this.

Anarki4909d ago

You expect something free from Microsoft?

Also, nice pic.. IT Crowd is awesome

SixZeroFour4909d ago

free for gold members...and of course this would only be for US which completely sucks for the other id say 75% of the ppl

Godmars2904909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

Make it part of the XBL Gold baseline. Don't require additional fees, or a second exclusive provider like Comcast.

thebudgetgamer4909d ago

also i recently downloaded crash course 2 for free and it's awesome.

guigsy4909d ago

We can already watch Sky TV.

Godmars2904909d ago

On the 360? Thought the BBC had an issue about providing it when people in the UK already pay for their TV through taxes.

guigsy4909d ago

BBC is funded by TV licenses, Sky is a subscription service.

GameOn4909d ago

Apparently you dont even need to have sky. If your parents of friend have sky you can just use their code. That's what my m8 does, I couldn't believe it was possible but it is.

Neko_Mega4909d ago

Now how much will XBL cost now?

the worst4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

wheres the incoming games at

BX814909d ago

You'll be surprised to know the 360/PS3/Wii have games coming out all year long! Wow, now that's amazing!

the worst4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

just give me a reason to buy a 360
i want to buy it
but kinect is not going 2 do it

SixZeroFour4909d ago

@the worst

if you dont have a 360 yet...all those exclusives up till now would be "new" to you, who says you have to buy 2011 exclusives?

TheDivine4909d ago (Edited 4909d ago )

Hahahahahhahahahaha!!!! Just give you a reason to buy it...
alan wake
splinter cell conviction
mass effect
Gow 1/2/3
Fable 1/2/3
Halo 3/odst/reach
lost odyssey
blue dragon
magna carta 2
tales of vesperia
metro 2033
the dragon knight saga
infinite undiscovery
last remnant
steel batallion
jade empire
kotor 1/2
xbl indie games, xbl games
dead space 2, crisis 2, skyrim, dark souls, bulltstorm every other big multiplat
These are just some of the games i have/am waiting on, figured it might help you decide. I couldnt live without my 360 and ps3. One console is lame, you miss too many gams that way.

GameOn4909d ago

"i want to buy it"
Just get a job, or better yet get your mum to buy it for you jees.

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BX814909d ago

In all honesty if you are looking for a reason to buy it then it probably just isn't for you. There are plenty of good games on the 360 but sometimes it's just not for everyone. Kinect isn't for me just yet. I do like what the future holds for it though.

Dojan1234909d ago

*not intendend as a troll comment*

If they can come up with something that competes with cable or offer the NFL Channel, I will have to get a Xbox. I am sick of paying $90 for junk channels. I can not get DirectTV or Dish because of my trees blocking my view.

BX814909d ago

LOL! I can't wait for some kind of cable service on the 360 or PS3. I haven't had cable in 5yrs now. It sucked at 1st but with all the streaming on the net you kind of don't miss much.