Square Enix looking for US partner; worried about PS3's lackluster performance

Square Enix, one of Japan's leading video games publishers, is hunting a partner in the US and Europe to help raise overseas sales to 50 per cent of overall revenues within three years.

"We need to seek co-operation with a US publisher – we need local content," Mr Sasaki said at the Tokyo Game Show. "Our strength is in role-playing games and fantasy titles, so it is a bit difficult to appeal to the US market."

Mr Sasaki credited Nintendo with helping expand the $30bn global games industry by creating a new "casual gaming" audience of women, children and older people.
Square Enix was a "little worried" about the lackluster performance of Sony's PlayStation 3 console, he said.

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MikeJonesOK4046d ago

All Square has to do is say FF7 REMAKE & THEY WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT PS3s performance!

SonySoldiers4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Wow.. SONY doesn't worry even a bit about the superior technology in PS3s! Look back at the history of Japanese electronics... HIGH QUALITY and PERFORMANCE! Not to mention Blu-ray players that play a HIGH DEF format at full glory!

Pay respect to Japanese technology, the hi-tech that NEVER fails!

tplarkin74046d ago

If you have a PS3, you can play FFVII right now. Why do you want a remake?

Besides, FFVII was a great game for it's time. It came out late in the PS1 life cycle and had the best graphics then. Times have changed. It won't appeal to as many people as you think.

AcidRhain4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

FF7 was a subpar FF. It had a good story 'for the time', but the game play took a step backwards from the previous FF titles. It's not all that great.

AngryTypingGuy4045d ago

SonySoldiers, what do you have against Americans? Are you still mad over Hiroshima and Nagasaki? You guys had it coming.

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UnblessedSoul4046d ago

Yeah but They probably don't want to risk it

socomnick4046d ago

Why are they stereotyping Americans we love rpgs they need to make more rpgs for the xbox 360 Im cant wait for mass effect and lost odyssey later this year.

tehcellownu4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

its true..enternal sonata and blue dragon didnt do good on the flopped in sales..he got a point 360 fanbase like shooter games.. this is the reason why he wont bring final fantasy to the 360

jaja14344046d ago

Well US only, since the article is about the US, Eternal Sonata has been out less than a week, kind of hard to call a game a flop from that time frame.
That said, I really doubt it will sell that great, but damm how do I love it anyways.

fjtorres4046d ago

Western RPGs are different from what Japan calls an RPG. Especially the more modern western RPGs ala Oblivion, Kotor, Fable, and Mass Effect, where the player in effect "creates" the story by "living" it. JRPGS, in contrast, feature a "canned" linear story that is revealed mostly through pre-rendered movie clips unlocked by playing what amounts to a combat mini-game over and over.
Square-Enix seems concerned that folks exposed to Oblivion and Mass Effect won't go for the old-fashioned linear story-telling.
Not saying they need to be, but they seem to think so.

The real news in this report is the confirmation by S-E of what Capcom has been saying for the last year or so, that the Japanese game market is lagging in growth compared to the rest of the world and in the process japanese gamers (and their tastes) are diverging from the growth markets out west. Almost as important is the implication that their japan-based developers might not be able to produce games to western tastes--a mirror of the old axiom that western games rarely fly in japan.

This is getting interesting...

Sayai jin4046d ago

@fjtorres-You took the words rght out of my mouth. There is a huge difference between Japanese an Western RPG's. Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata will sell well in Japan (even foe a 360 product), but not sell well in the US, becuase it waas design as a JRPG.

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power of Green 4046d ago

Untill they start putting as much effort in making quality games for other consoles as much as they put into the PlayStaion platform no one will turn their heads.

Bloodmask4046d ago

It appears that Square/Enix is just about making money. Just like every other publisher. Even though others will state they have this "loyalty" to Sony.

Don't be suprised to see the a lot of their games to be published on the 360. With the largest install bases in both Europe and the US. This once again goes to show that Europe and US are more important than Japan to software sales.

If PS3 sales don't pick up don't be suprised to see Final Fantasy jump ship. This game has a huge budget and Square/Enix has to make a profit. This trend is already apparent with Last Remnant being multiplatform. As well as Dragonquest 9 being released only on the DS.

brianpk804046d ago

The writing is on the wall with this one. Square Enix wanting to expand into the Western hemisphere will naturally entail an adoption of the overwhelming leading next-gen console in those combined markets, 360.

tehcellownu4046d ago

I can't imagine Final Fantasy on the 360 at all. How many disks do you think it will be on? 6 disks perhaps?? I really dont want to deal with so many disks..Lost Odysssey confirmed to be 4 or more disks..and Infinite Discovery going to be on mulitple disk too..I bet you Last Remant be on 3 disks.Also final fantasy confirmed only to ps3 in the latest trailer at TGS..

MikeMichaels4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Talking about expanding to Wii, you Xtards.

...the 360 is already dead in japan, where as the Wii is thriving in both countries, surpassing the 360 in sales in half the time.

Wii is now the console to beat.

MrWonderful4046d ago

if that was the case then it would have jumped along time ago huh? its apparent that some companies still have faith in sony.

kornbeaner4046d ago

If this is the case, why jump ship to the 360. Just start making games for the Wii, the console with the biggest install base in the world. Japanese first games don't make money on the 360, blue dragon has proven that. True hardcore american gamers don't buy Jrpg's or anything with a japanese flavor (unless its a mail order bride).

Dont believe me, look at the best selling games on the Xbox brand.
Cars, Guns and sports thats it.

SorenK4046d ago

The xbox fanbase does have a reason to be excited because while the wii does outsell the 360 in terms of consoles sold, the 360 outsells the wii in terms of software (with the exclusion of 1st party titles by Nintendo, of course). And, since Square-enix is more interested in selling is not so far fetched of an idea.

Let's try and keep the conversation productive and avoid name-calling.

GIJeff4046d ago

"With the largest install bases in both Europe and the US." Umm, by far not the 360. The ps2 is still by a very very very far margin the ruler of the world, and still outselling 360 in many locations. You must remember the ps2, it is still the most successful system in the world. it wasn't abandoned like the original xbox, in fact, support for it is still growing. If you want to make money, you release things on ps2. (ps3 people get to play ps2 games as well).

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