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Anarki3512d ago

I really hope these games beat the hell out of the Call of Duty franchise...

Parasyte3512d ago


Not going to happen. Anyone that has a copy of Medal of Honor will be able to play the beta. It's not exclusive to any certain console.

lil Titan3512d ago

@Pixelated_Army i hope PS3 gets 64 players online

@Parasyte anyone who has the limited edition of the game and i think its on PS3 gold members will have access i think not sure

DrRichtofen3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

For getting medal of honor it mentioned the battlefield 3 beta does anyone know how to get it? Is it just for having moh or what?

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Sarcasm3512d ago

Cant wait for some gameplay videos

Wenis3512d ago

BF3 looks and sounds absolutely amazing simple as that. I mean wow, being able to destroy a 7 story building and have it collapse to the ground... *boner*

The_Claw3512d ago

everyone, you can find the full scans here, no crappy cellphone photos


NeutralGamer3512d ago

Exclusive beta test? Are you stupid?

We already saw what happened with COD: BO when they dont do proper beta test on all consoles -.-

kancerkid3512d ago

@The CLaw,

Thanks for linking to pics of someone who actually knows how to use a scanner!

MWong3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I second that ... I can't wait to play it. I am waiting patiently to get my next issue of GI.

AEtherbane3511d ago

What im really excited about right now
In the second picture, the one that says "power tot he pc..." on the bottom right corner...
that soldier is firing left handed!

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MidnytRain3512d ago

I hope we get some shots that have a bit more personality soon. It doesn't seem like those pictures really tell us enough about the game. I was hoping for something more signature (though the last one is good). I can't wait to see the vehicles and destruction in action.

Nightshadow3512d ago

All in good time, the suspense is killing us all =P

AndrewRyan3512d ago

The power of the cel... I mean... PC.

Horny3512d ago

Ya this is one game to get on pc. Ill probably end up getting this on ps3 as well to play with friends.
anybody know the specs needed. I might need to upgrade to get the full benefits :(
the one thing I hate about the pc is devs don't fully optimize hardware so if you want the best possible experience you have to upgrade every 2-3 yrs.

I'm hoping they would have dedicated servers for ps3 but knowing it always has to be equal on both consoles that won't happen.

ji32003512d ago


Shackdaddy8363512d ago

Are you joking?

Its really hard to tell on the internet....

specialguest3511d ago


deadoralive13373512d ago

*Sets Aside $60 for Battlefield 3*

BigKev453512d ago

$63 with tax in Connecticut.

captain-obvious3512d ago

thank god we buy things tax free in here

mp12893512d ago

what, we get 9.5% tax in washington. you guys are lucky

lex-10203511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

65 in california

That sucks. California has 8.75%

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tawak3512d ago

just like call of duty series ,superb graphics keep updating their engine since 2007 (sarcasm)

superrey193512d ago

I really wish these were actual scans though since these pictures are pretty low quality. Nevertheless, game looks sick!

IcarusOne3511d ago

This looks sick. I hope the console versions don't get too gimped. We'll have to wait and see but if they can pull this off, it's devs like this and CryTech who really punch some gaping holes in the theory that exclusive = superior.

peowpeow3512d ago

"Power to the PC player" :')

NeutralGamer3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Nice :)
Cant wait

saladthieves3512d ago

It's official! EA and DICE keep on bringing and improving this superb shooter while Bobby Kotic and Activision keeps on giving your cheap half assed ports with nothing but reused material. I know where my money is going!

Hedberg3512d ago

Looks schmooks......One question for ya DICE.....can ya go prone in Multiplayer?

Kazu0 Hirai3511d ago

yes you can go prone in multiplayer

superadvanced3511d ago

finally a pc game that looks far better than crysis. good looking games up till now have only looked arguably better.

Crazyglues3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! Hell yeah... wow

Call of Who...??? This is Clearly going to be My GAME OF THE YEAR!!! Wow...

DICE you have out done yourself... OMG!! I can't wait..

Pre-Ordering right Now As I write this, Amazon just put it up... OMG!! How sweet it is.. Can't Wait. Dec 21, 2011 I hope that's just a placement holder date, because I need this game sooner then that... Ouch!!


neoandrew3511d ago

Scan is sh*t, tells nothing.

frostypants3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but those screens are touched up. Just like the screenshots of BF2 were back in the day.

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user8586213512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Woooooo!! RIP all other online shooters the king is back!!

SSKILLZ3512d ago

Duke nukem ! ???..........jk man !

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SJPFTW3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

played the Beta. killzone 3 sucks, which im disappointed because i believed all the hype until now.

problems are:

1. connection. only played for a day before not being able to connect. not only one experiencing it

2. spawns are worst then even Call of Duty, never thought it would be possible. You spawn in the exact same small room all the time. All i did was cloak hid in their spawn then melee them

3. besides the top notch graphics (which isnt that impressive when you take into account its 2 guys and a wall), it does nothing new. Gameplay is Basically a rip off of call of duty and team fortress 2 and still failing to emulate what made those shooters great.

sorry great graphics dont override the fact it is a mediocre gameplay experience

i know DICE wont disappoint.

awiseman3512d ago

if you mean king of Broken online shooters then yes BrokenZone is tied with COD.

duplissi3512d ago

bah!... you guys can go crawl in a hole somewhere....
the killzone franchise is one of the most unique shooters out there (the immersive perspective, weighty feel, awesome visuals, and universe all just suck you in and set it apart)

that being said im not a stuck up moron.... i am just as eager to throw down on any new battlefield game as i am killzone.

Bits-N-Kibbles3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

@SJPFTW: It's a beta, not a demo or the actual game. I didn't find anything wrong with the spawns. If you're a spawn camper then I pity you. One of the reasons it plays like COD is because people bitched about the weight of the controls because it didn't play like COD. GG listens to there audience and gave them what they wanted, not what GG wanted.

BTW- Battlefield 3 looks absolutely incredible

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DavidMacDougall3512d ago

I hope this is a true BF2 sequal, i really hope its fuck all like COD, i really wanna see gameplay before i get my hopes up.

captain-obvious3512d ago

team fortress will still live
COD will die thats almost for sure
on PC that is

Horny3512d ago

Looking at these images it kinda brings me back to when I saw battlefield 2 for the first time, had so much fun with that game.

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xXFrostXx3512d ago

Looks really good from the scans, I cant wait to see footage as well as get info on the incoming beta.

Pandamobile3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Why can no one properly tag articles on this website....

How do you leave the PC channel out of Battlefield 3 news?

bluwulf3512d ago

Because console fanboys think its going to look like this when the retail code finally shows up.

VenomProject3512d ago

Who's to say it won't? Have you played both versions?

jidery3512d ago

Considering it doesn't look better than KZ3, its probable.

sickbird3512d ago

*360 fanboys, have you not seen KZ3?

LightofDarkness3512d ago

I can say unequivocally that yes, this does look better than KZ3, judging from about 2 or 3 of those shots.

Will it look better on your console? Probably not, but on the PC it will certainly trump just about every other thing this year.

ZombieNinjaPanda3512d ago

I love Killzone, everyone knows that, but you guys have to be blind to think Battlefield 3 won't look better, at least on pc.

MidnytRain3512d ago

"Because console fanboys think its going to look like this when the retail code finally shows up."

Who exactly are you talking about? I don't see any comment on this page that suggests that. This article was submitted by a single individual. Perhaps your comment should be directed at Rikitatsu, seeing as that person is to blame for leaving out the PC tag; not the "console fanboys".

Pandamobile3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )


Lol, Killzone 3 barely looks any better than Killzone 2. If you don't think Battlefield 3 (at least the PC version) will look better than those blurry, washed out games, there's something wrong with you - and it's a bad case of "Fanboy-o-vision"

Edit, thanks to whatever mod added the PC channel in after the fact :)

BiggCMan3512d ago

This is a blurry camera shot of a magazine, and you guys are saying it looks better than Killzone 3. Yea that makes loads of sense :/ And how do you know that this will look better than Killzone 3? Nothing has been released yet, but you guys make these ridiculous statements. Killzone 3 is an amazing looking game, and certainly does look much better than Killzone 2 for that one guy who thinks it doesn't. The most important thing here is that PS3 owners have the option for both, amongst many, MANY other games out there.

bluwulf3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

@ Venom

I don't need to play bf on console to know that a PC W/Directx11 is going to look better, perform better, have more players online & better mods.

History has always proven console fanboys owned, when it comes to developers showing bullshots of PC code up until the demo lands, and idiots try to say "buh its just early code..' Why morons never question the code used in the screenshots and video captures thats older & looks better, is beyond me. Theres no console retail game that trumps its PC counterpart.

Thats why I know.

Its going to happen again for Rage/Brink as well. As its happened for Metro2033 "ZOMG LOOK AT THOSE GR.. wait, whats this shit on the console?!? Why doesn't it look anything like anything shown.. buh the developer videos had the console buttons on the GUI."

U guys get played every year. Same shit.

I game mostly on my consoles, but I have the sense to know that retail release wise, the PS3 has the most advanced engines out. But they are still a huge step down from the PC.

peowpeow3512d ago

BC2 looks better than KZ3 multiplayer beta to me, yes I have both and have played KZ3 beta quite a bit.

I don't know why BC2 isn't mentioned when talking about graphically amazing's probably the 2nd best looking game I've seen on PC, only behind Crysis with it's jungle setting