Armored Core 4 - God is Force Trailer

Check out the Armored Core 4 - God is Force Trailer.

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The_Firestarter5379d ago

HOLY CRAP THOSE BATTLES LOOKED EEEEEEEEPPPPIC!!! And it's kind of stupid how ppl. say that there is "nothing special" about this game. And after looking at this they probably feel silly! :P

PS3 Owns All5379d ago

not REALLY do, but can do for the time being. The future is almost here....with the PlayStation 3!

Asuka5379d ago

so this is what the PS3 version looks like. I wonder what the 360 version is going to be like because the 360 version is suppose to be different than the PS3 one. Both will be good nonetheless.

Armored Core: God is Force is going to own, especially online ^_^

riot95379d ago

This game looks awesome. I've always loved the Armored Core games, and am glad this one will make it to the 360, since I won't have the money for a PS3 anytime soon.

Asuka5379d ago

But this version of AC4: God is Force is PS3 only. The 360 gets a completely different Armored Core 4 game. Its still Armored Core 4, but gameplay, storyline and such is different. So you can kinda say AC4 is multi-platform, and at the same time you can't.

Silent5379d ago

This is an awesome trailer. Too REAL to exact. Geesh PS3 is a beast...and I will be the one to tame it.