Conspiracy: What's really in Playstation Home? Part II

Okay gamers, ready to venture back into the enigma known as Playstation Home? Of course we are... per words I've had from the author, you'll have to wait for the Death Threat by stabbing scenario he got himself into. But Part 2 is just as good!

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gameguidedog3997d ago

Is still think they should charge a boatload for the footwear. I mean common, someone's wife is gonna buy those orange striped shoes for a pretty penny!

zootang3997d ago

236 games to play
7000 Virtual Items
600 events

Shang-Long3997d ago

It's been so long since ive used it. No joke if I had friends to use it with I would. I could go in and meet people but I don't want to take the time for that. But with all the updates I'll consider it

VINNIEPAZ3997d ago

"What's really in Playstation Home"

Women getting verbally raped by every guy

killcycle3997d ago

Men dressed as women getting verbally raped by every guy*

Dellis3997d ago Show
nycredude3997d ago

you guys should go back and try it again. There is alot of content and games to play now. Plus loading is not an issue anymore. Sure there are a lot of guys trying to pick up girls but seriously what public get together doesn't. Guys are horny period! At least i am (although I don't waste my time in home trying to pick up a chick who most likely is Like Dellis say a dude).

Rynx3997d ago

Why bother man, Home is doing just fine without the naysayers. The last thing Home needs is a bunch of die hard sceptics going on there for 5mins and then ripping it to shreds again in future Home related article comments.

They'll go back to talking the same smack as before yet feel even more justified because they've been on there "recently"

kreate3997d ago

exactly! ps home went from what? 200k users to was it 18 million users? in a few years?

let them bash ps home all they want. sure the loading is pretty long (30 seconds to a few minutes). but the kick i get out of it sometimes is well rewarding.

im one of thoe people who harrass others, male and female alike. but not in any perverted way. i mean c'mon... its hilarious how some people react and takes things so personally xD

some of the loners out there in ps home are wanting attention so i give it to them kkk
but than that's how i make friends there.

let's face it, if ur just a boring dude with nothing to do. and u go to ps home and stand there for 5 minutes. no one gives a crap about u. and u log off and say

"oh home is boring"

nah... ps home isnt boring. "U" are boring. its like going on msn messenger with a empty friends list.

nycredude3997d ago

I know what you are saying but just trying to help out gamers here. I personally do not spend alot of time on Home but can see that there is a lot to like. Of course there are flaws too but that goes with everything. I do go on from time to time just because it doesn't cost me anything and there is really a ton of stuff to do. It is a viable social network and good medium for creative things with alot of potential. What they did with Killzone 3 shows it.

killcycle3997d ago

They need to keep it about game launching.

Thats what i thought it would be about!
Meeting gamers that play your games, but it's so long and ackward to game launch so whats the point.

gameguidedog3997d ago

What else do you think it should be about? Okay game launches, cool and yes. But what else? Our writer is making this a 6 part series since he says there so much to report on whithin it now. Tons!! Also do you think people i.e. youngsters should be policed. I'd say if they're PSN I.D. is under 16 they should be under a squelch system for comments. Can you cuss on there or is that already handled?

killcycle3997d ago

you can indeed cuss on there but people can report you.
They have a small word sensor system that don't really do much.

But i think when Sony originally released home to the public they intended on mixing the gaming community together through the network to disguss games and launch games from there.

Now it's just virtual relationships and kids bickering.