Ninja Gaiden II: Tecmo defends the game's violence and talks new breasts

Ninja Gaiden II in its current form seems certain to attract an "Adult Only" (AO) rating in the U.S., which would effectively ban it from release on Xbox 360 because US retailers refuse to carry or sell AO-rated titles. GamePro sat down with Ninja Gaiden II producer Yoshifuru Okamoto to discuss the game's glaring violence and the concern of possible AO-rating.

Okamoto also revealed that Rachel, the big-breasted, fan-favorite heroine from the first Ninja Gaiden game, is gone in the sequel. "This time we have a new heroine in place of Rachel," Okamoto said. Her name remains a secret.

"But she will have large breasts," he said.

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Satanas4141d ago

Stupid ESRB, I hope the rating stays at M. Let's see what Thompson has to say about this one, he'll probably make his son buy it for him too.

Mario184141d ago

Big breasts... something theMart will never get.

Bloodmask4141d ago

Man Boobs....

Bloodmask Sama

Mario184141d ago

I wrote "big breasts", unless your fat and you have big breasts. *cough Bloodfat *cough

power of Green 4141d ago

Watched the MGS 4 TGS video on Comcasts On-damand HD section and I was saddend by the Homo looking gameplay its a strange and wacky game.

kewlkat0074141d ago

still what brings you to the 360 game exclusive article...useless comments as always.

Violence, and t!ts...bring it on..

I mean look at movies, before these people judge games...

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PS360PCROCKS4141d ago

I hope it's not toned down...I really like the way it looks plus it's cartoony somewhat graphics make it completely unrealistic to me...

demolitionX4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

that was HUGE. i will go get a 360 for those bobs :P
just kidding

GRAMPAGAMER4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

killing demons, beasties and assassins could never be considered adult only. It's part of American culture.

and besides, you'll find more cleavage on a day time tv show.

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The story is too old to be commented.